Getting Advised

Freshman Advising

Freshmen are advised through the Arts and Sciences Advising Center.   After you declare a Biology major, you will be assigned a biology faculty member as your advisor, and you will receive notification of your new advisor via e-mail.

Meeting with your advisor

You should then meet with your advisor, who will give you a copy of your degree plan. This document will show you which courses you have completed and which you still need to take to finish your degree.

After this meeting, you can decide how often you want to meet with your advisor. For most students, it is useful to meet with your advisor at least once a year in order to be certain that you are making satisfactory progress toward your degree.

Making appointments with your advisor

Most advisors in the Biology Department prefer that you e-mail them to set up an appointment, although some prefer telephone calls and others take drop-ins. To find out your advisor’s preference, go to thelist of Biology advisors at this link.

Finding out when and how to register

Not all students register for classes at the same time.  To find out when you will be able to register, and for instructions on using the Ulink portal to register, go to the Registrar's Office web site.


Students may wish to consult our suggested study plans, which lead to completion of a degree in four years.