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Mike Perlin's Academic Universe

Michael H. Perlin, PhD


Program on Disease Evolution

Department of Biology

University of Louisville

Office Tel: 502-852-5944

Lab Tel: 502-852-5939


Research Interests

We investigate the evolution of host/pathogen interactions, primarily at the molecular genetic and biochemical levels. If you would like to read a more in-depth description of the research of my lab you may do so by clicking the link.


M. violaceum Pics




Teaching Interests

I teach the following courses:

Biol 330 Genetics & Molecular Biology (Spring semesters)

Biol 331 Genetics & Molecular Biology Lab (Spring semesters)

Biol 390 Misuse of Biology in Film and Pop Culture (alternating Fall semesters)

Biol 542/642 Gene Structure and Function (Spring semesters)

Biol 416 Biotechnology Methods (alternating Fall semesters)

Biol 575/675 Evolution of Genes and Genomes (alternating Fall semesters)


Prospective Students

Students interested in joining my lab should contact me via e-mail to discuss your interests.

Recent Publications

Examples of recent publications from my lab are found in the link.

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