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MD/MA Program


Thank you for considering joining us as a learner in our program. We believe that the experiences and knowledge that you will gain by joining us will enhance your life, both personally and professionally.

With the rapid growth in biotechnology, genetics, legislation, and mobility of populations, the need for rich education in health care ethics is imperative for those interested in practicing medicine. The University of Louisville Interdisciplinary Master of Arts in Bioethics and Medical Humanities program is designed to meet some of these most important needs through a philosophically informed examination of the field. 

By offering the opportunity to complete the Master of Arts curriculum while enrolled in the University of Louisville Medical School we hope to facilitate the concurrent completion of both degrees in a feasible timeline. Our aim is to provide students with an enriched ethical knowledge base which they can then combine with the skills necessary to work in clinical and hospital settings or bring to their research or teaching in interdisciplinary fields.

Students will be exposed to theoretical underpinnings in health care ethics as well as real-time clinical moral decision-making. Our M.A. program is unique in its balance of disciplines offered, including a deliberate focus on the roles that concepts of race, gender, and culture play in moral reasoning. This focus gives students the opportunity to develop an ethically sound appreciation of difference and diversity wherever their careers may take them.

We invite you to join us in this endeavor, to expand your background and to enrich your knowledge of medicine, ethics, and humanities through the M.D./M.A. program at the University of Louisville. Please use the links on the side bar to learn more about this opportunity.


Warm regards,

doukas.gifDavid J. Doukas, MD, Co-Director

kimball.gif Robert Kimball, PhD, Co-Director

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