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Elective Courses

Four courses (12 credit-hours) may be chosen. Courses must be at the 500- or 600-level. Of these four electives one must address Social Context, one Health Care Policy and Law and the remaining two must be relevant to the degree but are not otherwise restricted.


All electives with prerequisites require permission of instructor to enroll.


Other courses may be allowed on a case-by-case basis. We encourage our students to find interesting electives and submit the class information for approval.


Social Context Approved Electives

HIST 589/WGST 532: History of American Sexuality

LAW 826: Domestic Relations

LAW 842: Domestic Violence

LAW 905: Women and the Law

LAW 906: Race and the Law

LAW 923: Legal Problems of the Elderly

LAW 922: Legal Problems of the Poor

LAW 978: Disability Law

PAS 515: Race and Racism

PHIL 616: African-American Philosophy

PHIL 619: Topics in the Philosophy of Race and Racism

PHIL 623: Race, Gender, and Mental Illness

POLS 668: Feminist Theory

SOC 612: Gender, Race, Work, and Welfare

SOC 685: Seminar on Race and Ethnicity

SW 603: Social Justice Practice

SW 633: Social Work and Human Sexuality


Health Care Law, Policy, and Systems Approved Electives

LAW 945: Medical Malpractice

LAW 946: Introduction to Health Law (Health Care Regulation)

LAW 947: Psychiatry, Mental Health and the Law

LAW 958: Managed Care and the Law

LAW 959: Genetics and the Law

LAW 980: Medicine, Bioethics and the Law

LAW 996: HIV/AIDS and the Law

LAW 998: Regulatory Law and Policy

NURS 606 Health Care Systems

PHCI 632: Ethical Conduct of Health Care

PHPB 705: Community Organizing and Health Policy Advocacy

PSYC 656: Legal, Professional, and Ethical Issues in Clinical Psychology

PHMS 603: Legal and Ethical Aspects of Public Health

SW 622: Issues in Policy and Service Delivery

SW 697: HIV Disease Management


Other Approved Electives

HIST 651: ST - Black Death

LAW 893: Negotiations

LAW 977: Animal Law

PHIL 522: Virtue Ethics

PHIL 605: ST - Philosophy of Science

PHIL 605: ST - Critical Race Theory

PHPB 612:  Health Communication Campaigns: Theory and Practice

PSYCH 581: Introduction to Health Psychology

PSYCH 609: Family Risk, Resilience & Mindfulness

SW 626: Research Methodology and Design

SW 636: Death and Grief

SW 697: Ethics of Caring

SW 697: Psychosocial Dimensions of Palliative Care


Updated: 11/1/12

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