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A Sampling of recent Bioethical views generated through the Institute for Bioethics, Health Policy and Law Director, faculty, et al.

News Item Will Low-Cost Genome Sequencing Open 'Pandora's Box"? (Oct. 2012)
Hear Prof. Rothstein's comments at 05:45 on a Morning Edition segment by Correspondent and Senior Editor on NPR's Science DeskRob Stein.
Link Genomics and Public Health Policy: Issues and Trends 2011
This link to a shared audio discussion hosted by Dr. Greg Fowler, Ph.D., School of Medicine OHSU recorded May 20, 2011 with comments by Prof. Mark A. Rothstein, J.D., Herbert F. Boehl Chair of Law and Medicine, Director of the Institute for Bioethics, Health Policy and Law. (Running time approx. 1 hour) NOTE: SERVER HOSTED THRU ADOBE CONNECT.
File Published in BIOETHICS FORUM Feburary 17, 2011
Debate of Patient Privacy Control in Electronic Health Records
File Published in Journal International de Bioethique (2010)
Bioethics in the USA: Historical Background and Perspectives
File Published in Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics (Winter 2010)
Health Care Reform and Medical Malpractice Claims
Link Published on BIOETHICS FORUM August 11, 2009
Health Privacy and the Facebook Generation
Link Published by Oxford University Press August 2009
Mapping the Edges and the In-Between
File NPR_Oct_2012
Morning Edition, Tuesday, October 2, 2012 (7 min. 46 sec.)
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