Scott Tomchek

Dr. Tomchek has 20 years of pediatric clinical practice experience in various settings. Current practice and research focus has centered on individuals with autism spectrum disorders, including diagnostic evaluation, clinical assessment, and therapeutic interventions. The focus of these activities are the sensorimotor aspects of development and their impact on engaging in occupations. These clinical diagnostic and treatment specializations in autism have been recognized by invited lectures, authorship and subsequent publications relating to sensory processing findings in ASDs (Tomchek, 2010), sensorimotor assessment with individuals with an ASD (Tomchek, 2000) and a collaborative model of intervention for young children with autism (Geis & Tomchek, 2000). In addition, Dr. Tomchek was recently lead author of the practice guideline (Tomchek & Case-Smith, 2009) and official statement (AOTA, 2010) of the American Occupational Therapy Association related to practice with individuals on the autism spectrum. He continues his active research agenda investigating patterns of sensorimotor performance and their relation to developmental and diagnostic aspects of individuals with autism.