Prism Lenses Treatment Study

What is the purpose of this study?

The purpose of this study is to record and analyze neural and functional activity in children and adults with autism compared to control subjects with and without application of prism lenses.

What does participation in this study mean?

Participation in this study will help us to compare differences in reaction responses between autistic individuals and control subjects throughout each task.

Who is eligible for participation in this study?

Only healthy (no neurological or psychiatric problems) children and adult volunteers, age 12-29, are wanted as control subjects for this study.

What is the time commitment for participation in the study?

The time commitment for this study is approximately one hour.

What are the potential benefits for participating in the study?

A free psychological exam will be provided to the participant. The data we obtain from this study will help us to better understand how autistic individuals respond to specific tasks compared to control subjects.

Will participants be compensated for their time or expenses?

Yes. Compensation details will be explained in person.

What risks are involved in participating in the study?

There are no known risks involved in this study.

What safeguards are in place to minimize any risks?

Participants have the option to discontinue their participation at anytime should they feel that they are unable to continue with the tasks that are asked of them.

Who should I contact if I'm interested in participating?

Brynn Dombroski, M.S.
Department of Anatomical Sciences & Neurobiology
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
(502) 852-4589

What is the duration of the study?

Duration of this study consists of a minimum of two and a maximum of three sessions.