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Dr. Dowling's Research Page

Dr. Dowling's Latest Research:

EPIC Atmospheric Model - Wiki

PDS: The Planetary Atmospheres Data Node


Books Edited:
Bagenal F, Dowling T, McKinnon W (eds.), 2004, Jupiter: The Planet, Satellites, and Magnetosphere, Cambridge University Press.

Refereed Articles:

Dowling TE, Bradley ME, Colón E, Kramer J, LeBeau RP, Lee GCH, Mattox TI, Morales-Juberías R, Palotai CsJ, Parimi VK, Showman AP, 2006, The EPIC atmospheric model with an isentropic/terrain-following hybrid vertical coordinate, Icarus 182, 259-273.

Morales-Juberias, R., A. Sanchez-Lavega, and T.E. Dowling, 2003, EPIC simulations of the merger of Jupiter’s White Ovals BE and FA: Altitude-dependent behavior, Icarus 166, 63-74.

Sromovsky, L.A., P.M. Fry, K.H. Baines, S.S. Limaye, G.S. Orton, and T.E. Dowling, 2001, Coordinated 1996 HST and IRTF Imaging of Neptune and Triton. I. Observations, navigation, and differential deconvolution, Icarus 149: 416-434.

Sromovsky, L.A., P.M. Fry, K.H. Baines, and T.E. Dowling, 2001, Coordinated 1996 HST and IRTF Imaging of Neptune and Triton. II: Implications of disk-integrated photometry, Icarus 149: 435-458.

Sromovsky, L.A., P.M. Fry, T.E. Dowling, K.H. Baines, and S.S. Limaye, 2001, Coordinated 1996 HST and IRTF Imaging of Neptune and Triton. III: Neptune's atmospheric circulation and cloud structure, Icarus 149: 459-488.

Stratman, P.W., A.P. Showman, T.E. Dowling, and L.A. Sromovsky, 2001, EPIC simulations of bright companions to Neptune's Great Dark Spots, Icarus, 151: 275-285.

Showman, A.P. and T.E. Dowling, 2000, Nonlinear simulations of Jupiter's 5-micron hot spots, Science, 289, 1737-1740.

Dowling, T.E., A.S. Fischer, P.J. Gierasch, J. Harrington, R.P. LeBeau, and C.M. Santori, 1998, The explicit planetary isentropic-coordinate (EPIC) atmospheric model, Icarus 132: 221-238.

LeBeau, R.P. and T.E. Dowling, 1998, EPIC simulations of time-dependent, three dimensional vortices with application to Neptune's Great Dark Spot, Icarus 132: 239-265.

Harrington, J., T.E. Dowling, and R.L. Baron, 1996, Jupiter's tropospheric thermal emission I: Data and techniques, Icarus 124: 22-31.

Harrington, J., T.E. Dowling, and R.L. Baron, 1996, Jupiter's tropospheric thermal emission II: Power spectrum analysis and wave search, Icarus 124: 32-44.

Dowling, T.E., 1995, Estimate of Jupiter's deep zonal-wind profile from Shoemaker-Levy 9 data and Arnol'd's second stability criterion, Icarus 117: 439-442.

Hammel H.B, R.F. Beebe, A.P. Ingersoll, G.S. Orton, J.R. Mills, A.A. Simon, P. Chodas, J.T. Clarke, E. De Jong, T.E. Dowling, J. Harrington, L.F. Huber, E. Karkoschka, C.M. Santori, A. Toigo, D. Yeomans, R.A. West, 1995, HST Imaging of atmospheric phenomena created by the impact of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, Science 267: 1288-1296.

Orton, G., M. A'Hearn, K. Baines, D. Deming, T. Dowling, J. Goguen, C. Griffith, H. Hammel, W. Hoffmann, D. Hunten, D. Jewitt, T. Kostiuk, S. Miller, K. Noll, K. Zahnle, N. Achilleos, A. Dayal, L. Deutsch, F. Espenak, P. Esterle, J. Friedson, K. Fast, J. Harrington, J. Hora, R. Joseph, D. Kelly, R. Knacke, J. Lacy, C. Lisse, J. Rayner, A. Sprague, M. Shure, K. Wells, P. Yanamandra-Fisher, D. Zipoy, G. Bjoraker, D. Buhl, W. Golisch, D. Griep, C. Kaminski, C. Arden, A. Chaikin, J. Goldstein, D. Gilmore, G. Fazio, T. Kanamori, H. Lam, T. Livengood, M.-M. MacLow, M. Marley, T. Momary, D. Robertson, P. Romani, J. Spitale, M. Sykes, J. Tennyson, D. Wellnitz, S.-W. Ying, 1995, Collision of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter observed by the NASA infrared telescope facility, Science 267: 1277-1282.

Dowling, T.E., 1994, Successes and failures of shallow-water interpretations of Voyager wind data, Chaos 4, 213--225.

Ingersoll, A.P., H. Kanamori, T.E. Dowling, 1994, Atmospheric gravity waves from the impact of comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter, Geophys. Res. Lett. 21: 1083-1086.

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