- Asia in the New Millenium

A book series, “Asia in the New Millennium” published by University Press of Kentucky

Series Editor: Shiping Hua, The University of Louisville.

The following books have been published or are forthcoming.

  1. "Challenges to Chinese Foreign Policy: Diplomacy, Globalization, and the Next World Power," edited by George Wei, Yufan Hao, and Lowell Dittmer, published in 2009.
  2. "The Future of China-Russia Relations," edited by James A. Bellacqua, published in 2010.
  3. "The Mind of Empire: China's History and Modern Foreign Relations,” by Chris Ford, published in 2010.
  4. “Inside China’s Grand Strategy: The Perspective from the People's Republic,” Ye Zicheng, trans/eds by Steven Levin and Guoli Liu, published in 2010.
  5. “Korean Democracy in Transition: A Rational Blueprint for Developing Societies,” by HeeMin Kim, published in 2011.
  6. “Contemporary Chinese Political Thought: Debates and Perspectives,”  Fred Dallmayr and Zhao Tingyang, eds., in press.
  7. “State Violence in East Asia,” eds., N. Ganesan and Sung Chull Kim, in press.
  8. “Modern Chinese Legal Reform,” ed. Xiaobing Li, in press.
  9. "Growing Democracy," by Brian E. Woodall.
  10. "'Democracy' for Central Asia? Perspectives and Strategies Promoted From Without and Within," by Mariya Y. Omelicheva, forthcoming.
  11. "Civil Society and Politics in Central Asia," edited by Charles E. Ziegler, forthcoming.
  12. "America Through the Chinese Mirror: Lessons for U.S. Policymakers from Narratives of the United States in the Ideology of China's Return," Chris Ford
  13. "The Socio-Cultural Price of China's Economic Reform," By George Hong
  14. "China's Encounter with Global Hollywood from 1994-2012 - Cultural Policy, Film Industry and Postsocialist Modernity," Wendy Su

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