Minor in Asian Studies

Asian Studies is an Undergraduate level interdisciplinary program in the College of Arts and Sciences, with Dr. Shiping Hua as Director.

How do I apply?

1. Go to A&S Advising

2. Choose Application for Minor

3. Login using your User ID and password

4. Fill out information line 1-5

  • General Information
  • Choose, "I am applying to a minor in Asian Studies"
  • If you have applied for another minor check in addition to and choose the minor. If this is your first application for a minor, leave the drop box on does not apply.
  • Choose the department of your major. (If you major is a language, choose Classical and Modern Languages.)
  • Check for and read admission requirements for your department if it is listed.

5. Click on Submit Form

6. A confirmation notice will be automatically sent to your UofL e-mail account.

7. Please send an e-mail to Dr. Hua  shiping.hua@louisvile.edu to let him know that you have applied.

What are the requirements for the Asian Studies Minor?

You must take 18 credit hours in courses with an Asian emphasis, including AST 310 Introduction to Asian Studies. Of the hours, 6 must be in non-language courses in the Division of Humanities (including approved courses in Chinese Studies, Art History, Humanities, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Theatre Arts, and Women's and Gender Studies), 6 hours must be in the Division of Social Sciences (including approved courses in Geography, History, Political Science, and Sociology), and 3 hours must be a course on the Chinese or Japanese language (approved courses in Chinese Studies or Modern Languages).

Which courses can be counted towards the Minor in Asian Studies?

  • ANT 317 Anthropology of China -CD2
  • ARTH 290 Survey of Asian Art - ACD1
  • ARTH 331 Chinese Art
  • ARTH 335 Twentieth Century Chinese Artists and Architects - CD1
  • ARTH 337 Eastern Asian Landscape Art
  • ARTH 339 Architecture and Gardens in China and Japan
  • ARTH 531 Studies in Asian Art
  • AST 310 Introduction to Asian Studies
  • CHNS 101 Elementary Chinese I
  • CHNS 102 Elementary Chinese II
  • CHNS 201 Intermediate Chinese I
  • CHNS 202 Intermediate Chinese II
  • CHNS 301 Advanced Intermediate Chinese I
  • CHNS 302 Advanced Intermediate Chinese II
  • CHNS 455 Advanced Readings in Chinese I
  • CHNS 456 Advanced Readings in Chinese II
  • CHST 313 Special Topics
  • CHST 323 Doing Business in China
  • CHST 331 Chinese Culture and Tradition
  • CHST 333 Contemporary China
  • CHST 335 China Through Film - CD1
  • CHST 341 Ethnicity and Religion in China
  • CHST 351 Chinese Literature in Translation I-CD1
  • CHST 352 Chinese Literature in Translation II-CD1
  • CHST 353 Chinese Literary Theory
  • CHST 361 Western Literature in China
  • GEOG 316 Geography of South Asia
  • HIST 390 History of Islamic Central Asia - WRCD2
  • HIST 396 History of India - WR
  • HIST 398 Modern China
  • HIST 399 The Vietnam War
  • HIST 561 U.S. and Vietnam - WR
  • HIST 584 Women in East Asia
  • HIST 591 Civilizations of Ancient and Medieval India - WR
  • HIST 592 Civilizations of Modern India - WR
  • HIST 598 Nationalism and Modernity in East Asia
  • HUM 307 East Asian Cultures - CD1
  • HUM 341 South Asian Religious Thought and Culture
  • HUM 342 Eastern Mysticism
  • HUM 343 East Asian Religious Thought and Culture
  • HUM 345 Women in Hinduism and Buddhism - CD1
  • HUM 369 Asian Theatre
  • ML 270 Chinese Contributions to the World - CD1
  • POLS 345 Russian and Eurasia - WR

The official description of the Minor is as follows:

Minor in Asian Studies

Minor: AST

Unit: College of Arts and Sciences (A&S)


Hours Total

Introduction to Asian Studies (AST 310-01) 3
Electives in Humanities (Excluding Asian Languages) 6
(Any CHST course: ARTH 290, 331,337,339,531 HUM 307,341,342,343,345 = WGST 345, HUM 369 or TA 567, ML 270, PHIL 315)
Electives in Social Sciences   
(GEOG 316, HIST 390, 396, 398, 399, 561, 591, 492, POLS 345, 362, 365, 366, 367, 437)
Electives in Language 3
(CHNS or ML; Any course in the Chinese of Japanese Language)
Minimum total


  1. Many departments offer "topics courses" that sometimes have an Asian Focus, including ARTH 342/542 (Asian Art), , HUM 511 (Topics in Interpretation of Sacred Texts), HUM 512 (Topics in Contemporary Religious Thought), ML 101 (Basica Japanese), ML 201 (Intermediate Japanese), ML 313 (Special Topics in Language, Literature or Culture), and WGST 591 (Women in East Asia). Such courses may be counted towards the Minor in Asian Studies with the permission of the program director, who will determine which requirements such courses meet.
  2. No more than 12 of the hours may be taken in courses that are approved for the Minor in Chinese Studies may also apply to the Minor in Asian studies.
  3. All students are encouraged to participate in a study abroad program in Asia. Such program will substitute for and elective (or electives, for a 6-hour course) in an area approved by the program director.