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Internal Funding

Intramural Research Incentive Grants (IRIG)

The IRIG program is funded by the University and administered by Dr. William M. Pierce, Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation. Competitions for these grants are held twice a year with deadlines in the Spring and Fall.  Full- and part-time students at the University of Louisville (UofL) may apply for the Undergraduate Scholar Grant (USG). Visit the UofL Research and Innovation website for deadlines and application forms.

Undergraduate Research Scholar Grant (URS)

The primary purpose of a URS is to enrich the research, scholarship and creative arts experience of the undergraduate student by involving the student in research collaboration with a faculty member. The student is expected to become intellectually involved in design and execution of the research project, not just serve as "another pair of hands." The undergraduate student writes the URS proposal after he or she has identified a faculty mentor who is interested in serving as the mentor. The faculty mentor is expected to make arrangements for the student to receive up to three (3) hours of course credit for the research or creative activity and provide a grade for the work completed by the student. Students are encouraged to present a poster, or an equivalent demonstration of the research, on the Undergraduate Research Day. The student may request up to $300 (dry lab/creative activity) or $500 (wet lab) for supplies and expenses required for conducting the research or creative activity. URS proposals may be submitted at any time. They will be reviewed on a monthly basis.

Undergraduate Research Grants (URG)

The primary purpose of a URG is to enhance the research environment of a unit by involving undergraduate students in research in collaboration with a faculty mentor.  Special consideration will be given to projects in which the student is intellectually involved in design and execution of the research.  Students will be expected to provide a written report on their project participation and have it evaluated by faculty.  Students are encouraged to co-author scholarly research papers with their mentors. Priority will be given to projects involving University of Louisville undergraduates and no awards will be made to projects in which students provide just "another pair of hands." URG funds may be used for undergraduate student stipends and supplies.  They may range from a 10-week summer project to a full year.  Grants up to $3,000 are provided.

Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)

The SROP provides University of Louisville students who would like to know more about graduate-level education with a 10-week research experience in a department that offers graduate degrees. These fellowships will also be available to under-served/under-represented student populations from regional colleges and universities. Mentors will provide students with individualized research projects, and the program will provide group seminars on topics related to research and graduate education. Students should be, preferably, in their sophomore or junior year of study. 

Several other Undergraduate Summer Research opportunities are available. Visit the UofL Research and Innovation website for more information.