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Diane Penrod and Lee Keeling

President James Ramsey honored A&S staff members Lee Keeling and Diane Penrod at the annual Outstanding Performance Award reception on November 18th.

Diane Penrod

Research Manager, A&S Research Office
Unit Business Manager, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Diane Penrod is a valuable member of the A&S Research Office and has made significant contributions to other units at UofL by advising, training and helping with processes. She also is a leader within the UBM community. She updates other A&S UBMs on pay, budgets, new terminology and other important topics and is a strong advocate for further education and training. Penrod’s time is divided 60 percent as UBM and 40 percent as research manager. She gives 100 percent when wearing either hat. She not only gets the job done with regard to all of her specific job expectations, but she also performs at the top of her profession in terms of knowledge, integrity and reliability.

Lee Keeling

Program Assistant, Department of History

Lee Keeling is the first person visitors, students and others encounter upon contacting the Department of History. She is on time, dependable, trustworthy and consistent. A self-starter with leadership skills, Keeling sets the tone of the office for graduate and undergraduate student workers. She runs a tight ship and ensures that the varied work of the department is done efficiently and effectively. When a glitch arises, Keeling jumps in, assesses the issue, crafts a solution and sees it through to resolution. She works at a high level—even an extraordinary level—every day.

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