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A&S Funded IRIGs

Congratulations to the following recipients of 2014 Intramural Research Incentive Grants (IRIGs).


Project DirectorTitle of Research Project/Creative ActivityDepartmentType*
Dr. Mary CarothersCreative Exchange Studios, Belfast, Northern Ireland, ResidencyFine ArtsRIG
Dr. Cynthia CorbittInvestigation of pre-pubertal sex differences in brain morphology, wheel running and social behavior in miceBiologyRIG
Dr. Udayan DarjiA graph theoretic study of random dynamical systemsMathematicsRIG
Dr. Jian Du-CainesEffects of the El Nino-Southern Oscillation and the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation on Atmospheric Tides in the MLT regionPhysics & AstronomyRIG
Dr. Andrea GaughanDetecting long-term vegetation trends by adjusting for seasonality in a Savanna landscapeGeography and GeosciencesPCG
Dr. Pearlie JohnsonAfrican American Women in the Quilting Arts in KentuckyPan-African StudiesRIG
Dr. Heywood PetryNeuron function in the second visual pathwayPsychological & Brain SciencesRIG
Dr. David SchultzCharacterization of fatty acid biosynthesis genes involved in tissue specific production of unusual monoenoic lipidsBiologyRIG
Dr. Sandra SephtonA Meditation-based Intervention to Reduce Stress in UndergraduatesPsychological & Brain SciencesURG
Dr. Kristin SwartzExploring Perseveration Levels among Offenders and their Criminal HistoryJustice AdministrationRIG
Dr. Margath WalkerComparative opportunities beyond securitization: The case of Mexico's bordersGeography and GeosciencesRIG
Dr. Micah WorleyAn in vitro model for the reverse transmigration of Salmonella-infected cells into the bloodstreamBiologyRIG
Dr. Deborah Yoder-HimesThe response of human cells to Burkholderia dolasa and its flagellinBiologyURG

* For brief descriptions of the types of Intramural Research Incentive Grants see Internal Funding Opportunities for Faculty.