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2014 Celebration of Faculty Excellence

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2014 Celebration of Faculty Excellence

Congratulations to A&S 2014 Award Winners - President’s Distinguished Faculty Awards - September 16, 2014

President’s Distinguished Faculty Awards

The following A&S faculty received President's Distinguished Faculty Awards and were honored during the faculty celebration on September 16, 2014. Award winners receive a medallion and a check for $1,000 and will be featured on campus banners later this year.

President's Distinguished Faculty Awards for Outstanding Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity

Jason-GainousSocial Sciences - Jason Gainous

Professor, Department of Political Science

  • Research interests: information technology and politics, American politics, public opinion and political behavior, political psychology, and methodology
  • Awards from: American Political Science Association, Kentucky Political Science Association and Florida Political Science Association
  • Serves as the Frankfort internship advisor, placing students as interns in Kentucky’s capital with state legislators

    Humanities - Avery Kolers

    Professor, Department of Philosophy

    • International reputation as a political philosopher
    • His book, Land, Conflict and Justice: A Political Theory of Territory, won a the Canadian Philosophical Association’s Biennial Book Prize
    • Diverse research areas including: aboriginal rights, solidarity, parenting, cosmopolitanism, democracy, ethical investing, and Bob Dylan

    President's Distinguished Faculty Awards for Service

      David OwenService to UofL - David S. Owen

      Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy

      • Director of diversity programs for the College of Arts and Science
      • Director of the diversity literacy program
      • Currently developing a normative framework for institutional diversity work grounded in the theory of recognition and developing a critical theory of whiteness to explain the structural and unconscious mechanisms by which racial oppression is reproduced

      Joy HartNational and International Service - Joy Hart

      Professor, Department of Communication and Executive Director of the University Honors Program

      • Recent research: communication in the U.S. tobacco control movement and international health, focusing especially on Belize, Botswana and the Philippines
      • Co-director of Interdisciplinary Programs for the International Service Learning Program
      • Founding member of the university’s Sustainability Council and the Peace, Justice, and Conflict Transformation Program
      • Faculty affiliate for the Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research and the Muhammad Ali Institute for Peace and Justice
      • Mentor for the Brown Fellows Program

      Jeffrey SkinnerPresident's Distinguished Teaching Professor Award for Full-time Teaching - Jeffrey Skinner

      Professor, Department of English

      A&S Patents and License Holders Honored

      Bo Xu and GB Hammond recognized for Aldrich LicenseBo Xu

      Bo Xu, Paula Bates and GB Hammond recognized for patent(Patent and License)

      Research Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

      • Research: development of novel and environmentally friendly synthetic methodologies, especially synthesis of novel fluorinated building blocks for drugs and advanced materials

      and Gerald B. Hammond

      (Patent and License)

      Professor, Department of Chemistry

      • Endowed Chair in Organic Chemistry
      • Research interests: synthetic methodologies, including gold catalysis and organofluorine chemistry, natural products isolation and drug discovery
      • Author of nearly 150 publications and six patents

      Paula Bates, Associate Professor in Med-Oncology, was also honored for the patent.

      Kyung Kang and Michael NantzKyung Kang, Professor in Chemical Engineering was honored with

      Michael H. Nantz

        Professor, Department of Chemistry

        • Distinguished University Scholar
        • 13 U.S. patents
        • Research: developing functional magnetic nanoparticles for applications in thermotherapy

        John KielkopfJohn Kielkopf

        Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy

        • Research: determining the properties of extra-solar planets, development of astronomical instrumentation and software, and passive remote optical sensing with uses in health care, diagnostic medicine, structural and machine health assessment, and the measurement of turbulence in clear gases
        • Development of Moore Observatory located in the university’s Horner Wildlife Refuge in Oldham County - RC24 telescope in background of this photograph
        • Development of Shared Skies collaboration with Mt. Kent Observatory in Queensland

        New Endowed Faculty

        David BuckleyDavid Buckley

        Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science

        • Paul Weber Chair of Politics, Science and Religion
        • Research and teaching: religion and democratic politics, the coexistence between religion and democracy in the Philippines, Senegal and Ireland
        • Published research on public opinion among Muslim minorities in the United States and Western Europe, and the political implications of the election of Pope Francis on American Catholics.

        Brendan DepueBrendan Depue

        Assistant Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

        • Endowed Chair of Behavioral Brain Imaging
        • Research: using neuroimaging methodologies to examine the neural mechanisms involved in inhibitory influence in the interface between emotion and memory, using functional magnetic resonance imaging and electroencephalography to measure the brain’s response to certain behavioral challenges

        Ranen Omer-ShermanRanen Omer-Sherman

        Endowed Chair, Division of Humanities

        • Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence Endowed Chair of Judaic Studies
        • Immigrated to Israel in the 1970s, served in the Israeli army and helped establish a desert kibbutz where he resided for 13 years and included activities (work in desert agriculture, working as a government-trained desert guide in the Sinai and Negev, and a ranger for the Nature Reserves Authority) which made him attuned to issues of social justice

        University Scholars

        Julie PeteetJulie Peteet

        Professor, Department of Anthropology

        • Director of Middle East and Islamic Studies
        • Research: Palestinian displacement and refugee camps, and the spatio-temporal dimensions of the policy and practices of closure in Palestine.
        • During a recent six-month NEH Fellowship in Jordan she studied “The Cultural Politics of Bathing,” a study of the recent revitalization of traditional hammams (baths), the recent turn in the Middle East to all things Ottoman and the neo-liberal body

        Xiang ZhangXiang Zhang

        Professor, Department of Chemistry

        • Director of the Center for Regulatory and Environmental Analytical Metabolomics (CREAM)
        • Research: molecular systems biology by developing high throughput bioanalytical methods and bioinformatics tools for the analyses of complex mixtures derived from living systems to facilitate the development of preventive, predictive and personalized medicine
        • Serves as an associate faculty member of the UofL Pharmacology and Toxicology department

        Outstanding Community Engagement, 2013 Faculty Award

        Lora HaynesLora Haynes

        Associate Professor, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

        • Director of the Resilient Families Project (providing educational and community-building experiences to strengthen families and promote resilience and wellness for homeless children and parents)
        • Departmental director of internship and service-learning and of distance education
        • On the steering committee for the Peace, Justice and Conflict Transformation program
        • On the board of directors for Prospect Latin School and Educational Justice
        • On the Coordinating Circle for Mayor Fischer’s Partnership for Compassionate Louisville

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            80th Anniversary of the Fondo de Cultura Económica

            Dr. Rhonda Buchanan in Washington, D.C. for 80th Anniversary of the Fondo de Cultura Económica and the 100th Anniversary of the birth of the Nobel Proze Laureate Octavio Paz

            In July of 2014, Rhonda Buchanan’s translation, Poetics of Wonder, the Mexican writer Alberto Ruy Sánchez, was published by White Pine Press. On September 3, 2014, Buchanan joined the author in Washington, D.C. for an event sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Institute and the IDB Cultural Center, in which she engaged Ruy Sánchez in a dialogue about his works, followed by a bilingual reading from her translations of his novels Poetics of Wonder and The Secret Gardens of Mogador. The event was a celebration of the 80th Anniversary of the Fondo de Cultura Económica and the 100th Anniversary of the birth of the Nobel Proze Laureate Octavio Paz.


            Textbooks Published

            Textbooks published by Justice Administration Faculty

            The following textbooks were recently published by Justice Administration faculty:

            Physics Student Elected to National Council

            Physics major at UofL elected by chapters of student organization in four states as representative on Society of Physics Students National Council

            May 30, 2014, Louisville, KY – Kyle Steffen, a physics major in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Louisville, has just been elected to serve as a student representative on the National Council of the Society of Physics Students. In his nomination statement, he stressed the importance of improving communication among scientific organization and the public.

            The Society of Physics Students (SPS) is a professional association designed for students and membership is open to anyone interested in physics.  SPS operates within the American Institute of Physics (AIP), an umbrella organization for professional physical science societies.

            The Society of Physics Students is governed by a National Council, comprised of a Director from the Education division of the AIP, an elected President of SPS, an elected President of Sigma Pi Sigma, the National Honor Society for Physics, and an elected faculty and student representative from each of 18 geographical zones.  Faculty representatives, known as Zone Councilors, serve 3-year terms and can be reelected once.  Student representatives, known as Associate Zone Councilors, serve 1-year terms and can be reelected.  The National Council meets annually in Washington, DC, and regularly via video conference.  Elections of Councilors take place in the spring to select those who will serve in the following academic year.  Each chapter is allowed one vote for each position.  The University of Louisville is in a geographical region known as Zone 8, including all of Kentucky and most of Tennessee, Indiana, and Illinois.  This region contains 50 SPS chapters.

            According to Dr. Christopher L. Davis: “Kyle is a conscientious and talented student. It’s a great honor that he has been selected by his peers as a national representative, but I can’t say that it is a surprise.”

            Mr. Steffen is in a five-year BS/MS degree program in physics and has just completed the Bachelors portion of that program.  In addition to serving as Associate Zone Councilor on the National Council, Mr. Steffen will be Vice President of the award-winning local chapter of SPS.  As an undergraduate, he performed research in theoretical atomic physics and as a masters student will do his research work in high energy particle physics.  In his spare time, he is an avid drummer.

            For more information, please contact: Dr. David N. Brown, UofL Department of Physics & Astronomy

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            Dr. Vito - One of 25 Top Criminal Justice Professors

            Dr. Gennaro F. Vito has been chosen as one of the 25 Top Criminal Justice Professors by the blog.

            Dr. Gennaro F. Vito, a professor in the Department of Justice Administration, has been chosen as one of the “25 Top Criminal Justice Professors” by the blog.

            The site looked at the top criminal justice programs in the US, based on U.S. News & World Report Criminology rankings, then looked for professors who publish actively and have been recognized for excellence by their students, universities, and colleagues.

            Dr. Vito is a Distinguished University Scholar as well as a full professor, serving as Vice Chair and Graduate Program Coordinator in Justice Administration. He has received numerous awards over his career, including Educator of the Year Award from the Southern Criminal Justice Association and the President’s Distinguished Faculty Award for Excellence in Research at U of L. He has been principal or co-principal investigator in over 40 research projects with a total of more than $900,000 in grant funding. He is the author of more than 65 refereed journal articles, as well as co-author of nine textbooks.

            For more information on the’s top professors list, please click this link.

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            Pan-African Studies Celebrate 40 Years at UofL

            The Journal of Pan-African Studies released a special issue commemorating the 40th Anniversary of PAS at the University Of Louisville

            The Journal of Pan-African Studies has released a special issue commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the department at the University of Louisville. PAS Department Chair, Ricky L. Jones, writes: "The issue is edited by our outstanding young colleague Dr. W. Carson Byrd. This is great recognition not only for PAS, but for the University of Louisville family as a whole. We offer heartfelt thanks to all our colleagues and friends who have supported us for the last four decades. We look forward to many more!!!!" See the special issue of the Journal of Pan-African Studies.

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            Funded IRIGs - May 2014

            A&S Faculty Receive Notice in May about 2014 Intramural Research Incentive Grants (IRIGs) being Funded

            Congratulations to the following recipients of 2014 Intramural Research Incentive Grants (IRIGs).

            Project DirectorTitle of Research Project/Creative ActivityDepartmentType*
            Dr. Matthew BibermanShakespeare's Science of LoveEnglishRIG
            Dr. Margaret CarreiroOpening the Microbial Black Box: Using Next-Generation DNA Sequencing to Determine How Restoring Woodlands by Removing Invasive Shrub Honeysuckle Affects Soil Microbial DiversityBiologyRIG
            Dr. Ying Kit ChanDeep Ecology:  A Solo Exhibition of a New Body of ArtworkFine ArtsPCG
            Dr. Judith DanovitchChildren’s Learning From Human and Technological SourcesPsychological and Brain SciencesRIG
            Dr. Sarah EmeryDoes Non-Native Plant Invasion Alter Soil Food Webs and Successional Dynamics?BiologyRIG
            Dr. Jasmine FarrierConstitutional Dysfunction on Trial: Can Courts Save Congress From the President (and Itself)?Political ScienceRIG
            Dr. Jonathan HawsNeanderthal Hunting Strategies at Gruta Nova da Columbeira (Portugal)AnthropologyURG
            Dr. Maryam MoazzenContesting Cultural Modernity: The Curriculum of Islamic Higher Learning in Modern IranHumanitiesRIG
            Dr. Natalie PolzerBodies on Display - Comparative Study of Two "Soteriological Biological Archives" The Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo and "Body Worlds"HumanitiesRIG
            Dr. Mark RunningCharacterization of Prenylation Mutants of Physcomitrella PatensBiologyRIG

            * For brief descriptions of the types of Intramural Research Incentive Grants see Internal Funding Opportunities for Faculty.

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            A&S Faculty Awards and Reception

            The A&S Faculty Awards and Reception was held in the Shumaker Research Building on Friday, April 11, 2014. This page includes the 2014 winners.


            Physics Professor David Brown wins Trustees Award

            UofL trustees announced the selection of David Brown at their meeting on April 10, 2014


            Congratulations to Dr. Brown for winning the highest honor given by the trustees.

            Follow this link to the article by John Drees in UofL Today for more information.


            3 Students in Biology Receive URS Grants

            3 Students in Biology receive Undergraduate Research Scholar Grants in February 2014

            Congratulations to the following recipients of Spring 2014 Undergraduate Research Scholar Grants!

            For a brief description of the Undergraduate Research Scholar Grant and other types of internal funding opportunities, see Internal Funding Opportunities for Undergraduates.