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The A&S Research Office wants to hear about your projects and will include them in this section of the website. We will highlight A&S faculty who have received recent NEH, NEA, Fulbright, Guggenheim, Humboldt and other Awards. Contact the A&S Research Office if you receive an award.

Below is an example of a project in Justice Administration.

Optimizing PDMPs to Support Law Enforcement Activities
Research on Illegal Prescription Drug Market Interventions – National Institute of Justice
Prescription drug abuse has been increasing in the United States; in 2008, more than 36,000 people died from prescription drug overdose in the US alone. Several states have created prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs), designed to assist in detecting and preventing abuse, misuse, and diversion of prescription controlled substances.  Dr. Gennaro Vito and Dr. George Higgins, professors in the School of Justice Administration, are gearing up to research how law enforcement agencies use the databases formed by PDMPs to enhance their drug enforcement activities. They will use focus groups and questionnaires to gain information from up to five states, including Kentucky.  The project is through a subcontract with the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy, which was awarded the grant through the National Institute of Justice.

Grant funding is not just for huge science projects, medical research, or quantitative studies. Some funders – U of L generally uses the term “sponsors” – prefer smaller projects. Grants from $100 on up are available for smaller projects. Often these are not for “research” at all – they can be for creative activities (painting, theater, writing, etc.), for translating a novel into a different language, or for visiting another locale, even foreign countries, to conduct your work. If a project is a part of your academic discipline and relates to your work at the University, then the A&S Research Office can help you seek funding for it.

The Research Resources section of our website contains guidance to help you find funding and prepare proposals. The A&S Research Office is also here to help! If you want assistance with finding funding, developing proposals, and navigating the paperwork necessary to apply for a grant in a university setting, please contact us.