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Arts and Sciences Research Office

Promoting Research - Proposal Development - Reviewing Proposals - Gardiner Hall, Suite 320

Research Office Professionals (ROP)

Description and Details

Who are we and what do we do?

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September - 2014 ROP Meeting

Topic: Update from the offices of the EVPRI

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September-2013 ROP Meeting

Changes in research administration

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October-2013 ROP Meeting

Budgeting for research proposals

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March-2014 ROP Meeting

Collaborative Brain Storm

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April-2014 ROP Meeting

Topic: Industry Engagement

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June-2014 ROP Meeting

Internal funding - IRIGs, etc.

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July-2014 ROP Meeting

Topic: Upcoming iRIS Grants & Contracts Module

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August-2014 ROP Meeting

Topic: Talking to OTT (Office of Technology Transfer)

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Super Circular Webcast

Key Issues for Universities

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NCURA Webcast Slides

Download the slides from the 5/14/14 webcast here.

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