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Arts and Sciences Research Office

Promoting Research - Proposal Development - Reviewing Proposals - Gardiner Hall, Suite 320

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The College of Arts and Sciences Research Office
Location: Gardiner Hall, Room 320
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The College of Arts and Sciences Research Office exists to facilitate research, scholarship, and creative activities of faculty, staff, and students in the College and to support faculty and staff in seeking intramural and extramural support.

Dr. Robert M. Buchanan, Associate Dean of Research, is a full professor in the Department of Chemistry with many years of experience in securing funding for his research program as well as assisting others to obtain research funding.

Call 502-852-5635 or email

Susanna Cornett, Grant Manager Specialist (arts, humanities, and social sciences), helps with developing ideas, writing proposals, ensuring compliance with grant guidelines and university requirements, building budgets, finding possible funding, and completing the paperwork for submissions.

Call 502-852-7922 or email

Holly Hogue, Administrative Specialist, works with Dr. Buchanan on tracking proposals and awards, develops the Research Office website, and generally handles the administration of the A&S Research Office. Her responsibilities include: reviewing the databases of publications submitted by the departments and merging them into one database for A&S; coordinating meeting times and places for the A&S Planning and Budget Committee and the A&S Research Committee; scheduling rooms in the Shumaker Research Building and requesting Key Card Access; and collecting the A&S nominations/proposals for the Distinguished Faculty Awards, A&S Research and Creative Activities Grants, Victor A. Olorunsola Award, and A&S Graduate Student Research Grants.

      Call 502-852-2658 or email

      Diane Penrod, Research Manager, works with Dr. Buchanan reviewing proposals and provides expertise on budgeting issues when needed, especially on indirect cost and faculty effort calculations. She also serves as the Unit Business Manager Senior for the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, and is the primary contact for A&S Unit Business Managers with grant-related questions.

      Call 502-852-2803 or email

      Teresa Wilkins, Grant Manager Specialist, is available to assist faculty, staff, and occasionally students, with pursuing their research interests.  Teresa focuses on the natural science departments within Art & Sciences.  She is able to help develop ideas, research funding opportunities, assemble and copy edit proposals, and develop budgets.  She can assist with ensuring compliance with funder guidelines, assist with university forms and requirements, and provide assistance with completing the paperwork for submission.

      Call 502-852-5588 or email