Alumni Spotlight: Lauren Hendricks

Lauren Hendricks sees a need and aims to meet it
Alumni Spotlight: Lauren Hendricks

Lauren Hendricks

25-year-old A&S alumna Lauren Hendricks (BS Communication 2010 and MA Communication 2012) wants to help recent graduates from UofL’s College of Arts and Sciences leverage their degrees and their A&S connections in their professional lives by creating an A&S recent alumni network. Despite a very busy professional life as a Marketing Maven at A + H Advertising, Hendricks is already serving as an A&S Ambassador and has been since before she even finished her degrees. She comes from a long line of A&S alumni including grandfather William Koshewa (BS Chemistry 1948), mother Kim Koshewa Hendricks (BA Liberal Studies 1982), father Patrick Hendricks, Jr (BS Chemistry 1984) and aunt Karen Koshewa (BA Biology 1970), all of whom have long histories of involvement and service to the College. Hendricks feels that if she hadn’t had a family history of alumni involvement perhaps she would have missed out on the opportunity herself. She wants to make sure that others don’t.

Says Hendricks, “I want to create an A&S network for alumni who have graduated in the last 15 years or so because I believe that recent graduates are not taking full advantage of what it means to be an A&S alumnus/a. Adjusting to life after graduation can be overwhelming and unnerving. Being a part of an alumni group can help make the transition from student life to professional life a smoother one. I've found that recent graduates are hesitant to get involved with alumni groups because they believe they don’t have enough money to donate or time to dedicate. Through my involvement with the A&S Ambassador Program I've learned that there is more to it than that. The objectives of the a recent alumni network are to create a variety of fun and engaging social and educational events for young A&S alumni and to provide networking opportunities for A&S alumni seeking to further their careers.”

To find out more about this new network and how to get involved, feel free to contact Lauren directly at lohendricks at gmail dot com.