Meet The Professor Series

A monthly lunch and lecture series hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences.

A&S hosts monthly "Meet the Professor" Luncheon Talks at the University Club on UofL's Belknap Campus. The hour-long presentations by A&S faculty are normally held on the first Thursday of the month during the academic year.

Established in Fall 2006 during the A&S Centennial celebration, the "Meet The Professor" Series has included faculty presentations on a broad range of topics representing the depth and breadth of the college. With 24 departments and more than 70 degree programs, A&S encompasses a diverse range of disciplines, and this series showcases the diversity of research and scholarship in the College of Arts and Sciences today.

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    Spring 2014 Schedule


    Stewardship in the Time of Global Climate Change

    Professor Keith Mountain, Geography and Geosciences


    Keith Mountain, Professor and Chair of the Department of Geography and Geosciences, will address the issue of how global climate change has become a measurable reality and how humankind has contributed to the observed trends. Given the consequences of shifting climate, it becomes important to merge the social, economic, and political structures so that appropriate strategies will be considered and implemented. This talk will propose some options for environmental management under conditions of change.

    • Thursday, January 9 at 12 noon, University Club


    Behavior and Ecology of Ants in the Tropical Rainforest Canopy

    Professor Steve Yanoviak, Biology


    Steve Yanoviak, Professor of Biology and Wallace Chair of Conservation, will focus his talk on ants. Ants are conspicuous and diverse in tropical rainforests. While inhabiting tropical treetops, ants face some unique biological and environmental challenges. In his presentation, Professor Yanoviak will highlight some amazing aspects of ant behavior, ecology, and evolution that have been discovered in recent years.


    • Thursday, February 6 2014 at 12 noon, University Club


    Virginia Woolf Among the Lunatics: Women and Mental Illness in the Early 20th Century

    Professor Suzette Henke


    Why have modern scholars so persistently analyzed Virginia Woolf’s mental distress as virtually unique – the affliction of a genius set apart from other men and women of the Victorian and Edwardian Age? Suzette Henke, Professor of English and Thruston Morton Chair of Literary Studies, will examine case histories and consider analogies between Woolf’s reported symptoms and those observed in patients admitted to institutional confinements at the turn of the last century.

    • Thursday, March 6 at 12 noon, University Club


    The Nicholsons in Bloomsbury: Painting Edwardian Domesticity

    Professor Jongwoo Kim, Art History


    In 1906 Mabel Nicholson's family left their old home in Pilgrim’s Lane in Hampstead to move to Mecklenburgh Square.  Mabel was “not enthusiastic about the address; she had aspirations to Chelsea, which was then the ‘fashionable’ artistic quarter, and was presently to be annoyed with Orpen for labeling his portrait [of her family] ‘Bloomsbury Family.’” The Nicholsons were not, in fact, a “Bloomsbury family,” neither were they the consummate Victorian “paterfamilias” sort. Jongwoo Kim, Professor of Art History, examines this paradox of Edwardian domesticity and explores the nuanced images of a man, a woman, and their children who lived in London in the early 20th century.

    • Thursday, April 10 at 12 noon, University Club