Study Abroad in 2014

Information on Study Abroad and short-term summer programs for 2014 are available at Study Abroad 2014 on the A&S IDOP website.

New programs in 2014 include a new program in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia. This International Service Learning & Research Program is intended to "expose students to applicable theories of intergroup contact, direct approaches to conflict resolution/transformation, transitional justice, and empirical research specific to the 1991-1995 civil wars in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Croatia. Emphasis is based on cognitive, social, and peace psychology perspectives."

The program is open to Psychology, Sociology, Anthro-pology, Political Science, Justice Administration, and Religious Studies majors and minors.

A&S offers more Study Abroad opportunities in Brazil, China, Cuba, England, Northern Ireland, Panama, South Korea, and Trinidad & Tobago.

More information: Study Abroad Opportunites in 2014