Admissions Overview

Admissions Process for the Panama Undergraduate Program UofL, Belknap Campus USA:

Students transferring to the University of Louisville from the UIDEG/UINON program in Panama will be required to fill out a University of Louisville application as a degree seeking student.  Students will not be required to pay the fee.  A fee waiver code has been set up on CollegeNet for these students and directions are found below.  The fee code for these students will be “not required”.  Residency for these students will be Approved Residency Exception (RE), Panama Group (Reference Panama Residency documentation.)


Directions for On-line application fee waiver for Panama Students:

Students should select the following on page 1:

* All other applicants.

Administrative Use Only:   PAN222

All biographical information entered on admissions application should be reported exactly as it appears on the student’s passport.  They must use their full name with no deviation.

Students will not be required to pay the admissions application fee.  A fee waiver code has been set up for these students.  Students should select the following on
page 1:  * All other applicants.   Administrative Use Only:   PAN222

Once the student has submitted an online undergraduate application, one of the following Panama staff will contact all pertinent persons at UofL main campus:

Maria Quintero  

Mariana Leon    

Mariela Castillo 

The student should provide the Panama Office with all necessary documents. They in turn will submit them to the University of Louisville’s appropriate office.  For their I-20 document, the student’s financial statement and a copy of their passport picture page is sent electronically to the International Center (Attn: Barbara Jones at  Ramonia Brents in the Undergraduate Admissions Office should also receive a copy of the passport picture page to ensure accuracy of the biographical information in PeopleSoft.

Ramonia Brents in the Undergraduate Admissions Office will review the application and determine if they are admissible to their chosen program.  The Undergraduate Admissions Office will verify receipt of all necessary credentials.

The following information must be entered in PS correctly for their admissions application and their I-20 to be  issued:

·         The student is set up as a regular, degree seeking student with a major indicated (All international students must have a major listed in PS-they can not be undecided or undeclared.)

·         All biographical information should be reported on their application and in PS as it appears on the student’s passport:

The following data fields must be in PeopleSoft correctly in order to issue their I-20: Major, term applying, home country address, gender, date of birth, visa status (normally F-1), country of citizenship and country of birth.

·         Correct residency status for tuition purposes MUST be determined based on the number of credit hours earned and coming directly for the Panama Program for tuition purposes.  The residency decision is the responsibility of the Undergraduate Admissions Office and should ensure that it is entered appropriately in PeopleSoft prior to the International Referral form being sent to the INTCENT Account.

·         Ramonia Brents completes and submits the International Admissions Referral form to the International Center’s Intcent Account when an admissions decision has been determined.  She should indicate the residency determination as it appears in PS on the referral form (NR or RE) and the student should be coded as DDEF/Int in PS.

NOTE:If the applicant is a US Citizen, this last step does not need to be completed since they will not need to obtain a US visa.  They also do not need to submit financial documents or passport picture page.