Summer Study Abroad in China at Shanghai International Studies University

Shanghai and neighboring cities

About the Program

The College of Arts and Sciences is sponsoring a Summer Study Abroad Program in China from 22 June to 29 July hosted by Shanghai International Studies University (SHISU). Students will participate in language instruction classes, lectures on Chinese culture, and visit important sites in Shanghai and neighboring cities.

Course Offerings

All levels of Chinese Language (6 credits)
Special Topics in Chinese Studies (3 credits) Special Topics in Chinese Studies is an optional addition to language study at SHISU and requires additional work through independent study to be determined by a sponsoring professor.

Program Features

  • Four hours of classes every day from Monday through Friday for four weeks at SHISU.
  • Weekend cultural events and sightseeing around Shanghai.
  • Trips to Beijing and Suzhou.

Program Costs

  • Total Program Cost is $3900 and includes:
  • Academic fees at SHISU
  • Round-trip international and inland airfare
  • Visa fees
  • Ground transportation expenses for weekend sightseeing
  • Housing at SHISU
  • Expenses for additional trips


Application Process

Application forms are available at the A&S International, Diversity, and Outreach Programs,  331 Gardiner Hall or online.


Completed applications and a $100 application fee are due December 1, 2012.

An additional $2000 is due January 15, 2013.

The balance of $1800 (or less if a scholarship has been awarded) is due March 1, 2013.

Questions and Submissions 

 Inquiries as well as complete applications and checks payable to University of Louisville should be submitted to:

Bret E. Berry
International Programs Advisor
College of Arts & Sciences
Office of International, Diversity, and Outreach Programs
Gardiner Hall 331
502 852 6154

About Shanghai International Studies University

Shanghai International Studies University was founded in December 1949 as the former Shanghai Russian College. It later was named the Shanghai Foreign Language Institute and became a national key university approved by the State Council in 1963. Approved by the Ministry of Education in 1994, it was officially renamed as “Shanghai International Studies University”. In the same year, it was listed as one of the first colleges and universities jointly supervised by the national Ministry of Education and the Municipality of Shanghai. In 1996, it passed the evaluation process of Project 211 directed by the Ministry of Education, and became one of the nation’s “100 key universities for the 21st Century.”
Shanghai International Studies University is a research, teaching, and multidisciplinary comprehensive university, committed to cultivating foreign language elites with “high-quality, multiple skills, international vision, spirit of innovation, and capacity of practice”. Having a long tradition of conscientious teaching and learning, SISU enjoys a very good reputation both at home and abroad.
At present, SISU has a full-time enrollment of over 1,400 postgraduate students, 6,000 undergraduates, 800 college students, and 1,200 international students. There are also 25,000 other types of registered students in various programs.
SISU has a faculty with significant academic prestige and educational experience. The full-time teachers number more than 500, including more than 300 professors and associate professors as well as a group of young and middle-aged outstanding lecturers.