Internship Request

  1. All request for intern assistance should be submitted using the official Inclusion and Equity Intern Job Request Form, which is located on our website. All required fields must be complete in order for your request to be processed.
  2. The following are procedures for submitting requests.
    • Coordinator of program finalizes plans for event/program.
    • Coordinator completes the Inclusion and Equity Intern Job Request Form electronically or manually and sends to Marian R. Vasser. All required fields must be complete in order for your request to be processed.
    • Requests should be submitted as soon as possible or at a minimum of four weeks prior to program/event date.
    • Marian will approve and assign interns within 48 hours after receiving. Please understand there may be times when interns are available as they have many obligations within the program.  When this is the case, Marian will contact you as soon as possible to resolve the matter. It is extremely important that we all stick to the aforementioned timeframe. This should allow ample time for problem-solving.
    • If an intern is assigned to your project/program/event, Marian will notify you and direct the intern to you for further instructions.

Please note that the Coordinator is responsible for reporting any changes to request or duties to Marian as soon as possible. It would also be extremely valuable for you to follow up with an informal email (to Marian) indicating how the intern performed.

If there is a form you would like the applicants to complete, please provide the URL or attach one below.
Some programs have budgeted stipends to help students defray their costs, but IDOP does not require that they be paid for their work experience.
This internship is

The Inclusion and Equity Intern program is designed to expose a team of students to the scholarship and best practices concerning greater inclusiveness and equity, with the purpose of cultivating social justice leadership skills among college students. The goal of this program is to instill characteristics which will foster a critical thinker who is well-cultivated. The primary goal of this project is to provide interns with an opportunity to develop leadership skills. With that said, please utilize one of the workstudy students to complete general office duties such as copying, errands, etc. Please refer to the Inclusion and Equity Intern job request policy for details and timelines for requesting an intern. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.