JCPS Evaluation Results

JCPS workshop conducted by the
A&S Office for International, Diversity, and Outreach
Inclusion and Equity Interns
February 9, 2012

Summary:  JCPS teachers, administrators, along with students and faculty from Bellarmine University participated in an interactive workshop led by the Inclusion & Equity Intern Program.  There were approximately 26 in attendance.  During the workshop, participants received valuable resources and were able to participate in several activities concerning issues of inclusion and equity.

This interactive workshop was designed to expose Jefferson County Public School educators to resources and exercises that promote dialogue that is both meaningful and focused on issues of inclusion and equity.  Educators were able to recognize the impact, both directly and indirectly, the student-educator relationship has on behavior and performance.  Educators left with an awareness and sensitivity to barriers that make teaching and learning challenging.  Educators participated in activities that are offered through the A&S Inclusion and Equity Intern Program.  As a result of this workshop, interns have already been invited to conduct programming in two JCPS schools.

Following are the evaluation results from the workshop:

  1. Strongly Disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. No Opinion
  4. Agree
  5. Strongly Agree
I found this program topic to be timely, stimulating and engaging.

 I found the speaker(s)/panel/film to be knowledgeable and relevant.

 I was able to ask questions, receive answers and comment.

 I intend to attend future programs.

 I am glad to recommend these programs to others.

 The overall program was what I expected.
If not, why not?
  • I felt like I was in a party other people did not like.
  • I wasn’t sure what to expect.
  • I really didn’t understand the format/exact purpose.

Is this the best day and time for you to attend programming?
If no, what is the best day and time?  5:30 pm
Yes (16)
No (2)
  1. Strongly Disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. No Opinion
  4. Agree
  5. Strongly Agree
The accommodations (location, seating, sound, lighting, room) were adequate.
 The refreshments were adequate. 4.8
 The program coordinators were pleasant and helpful. 4.9

How did you find out about this speaker/panel series?

  • Email (5)
  • UofL Publication (0)
  • UofL Employee/Student (2)
  • Flyer (0)
  • Local Newspaper (0)
  • Radio (0)
  • Poster (0)
  • Other (10)

I would like to offer the following useful comments and/or program suggestions:

  • This was great.  To be honest I was dreading this because I thought I was going to listen to a lecture for 3 hrs.  I'm so glad I was wrong.
  • This was great!  I loved the honesty.
  • Thank You
  • I found this program very interesting and feel that it would work nicely in the high schools and middle schools.
  • I will use this as I teach diversity - these would be great for the workplace also
  • At first I didn't understand the need for all of the sharing, but then I realized the importance of building community
  • If a bibliography could be provided, I think it would be helpful.  Possibly have some middle school kids attend, to get their input.

The workshop was:

  • Very Useful (7)
  • Useful (5)
  • No So Useful (0)

The Most useful information I learned today is:

  • That I can ask you all to come to my students
  • Activities
  • Overall awareness
  • That there are several ways to discuss differences.
  • How skewed things can be if there is a particular point you want to make.
  • Reality Check
  • I loved the first activity
  • Activities

What I am more likely to change as a result of my participation in this session is:

  • Nothing
  • "Check-in" time in the morning
  • My beginning of class
  • More openness and awareness
  • Using the reality check-in - a very human approach
  • Allow students to get their emotions/feelings out.  Make classroom good learning/safe environment
  • A lot
  • Share info w/my principal/staff

What I liked MOST about this session:

  • So active!
  • Moving around
  • The honesty/discussion!
  • Different activities and variety of learning opportunities
  • I'm not a big sharer and I Felt that I was able to do this in a comfortable setting.
  • The refreshments
  • Up & moving about….participating
  • Everything
  • Participation & openness of conversation

What I liked LEAST about this session:

  • Nothing
  • Sometimes too sensitive areas/discussions
  • That I felt I wasn't accepted.
  • Privilege walk convo at end
  • Nothing
  • It started out slow

I would like to participate in a follow-up workshop with my class, staff, etc.

  • No (1)
  • Yes (6)

For additional information about the Inclusion & Equity Intern Program or the workshop that was conducted, please contact:

Marian R. Vasser
Program Coordinator Sr., Inclusion & Equity Intern Coordinator