2010-2011 Initiatives

During the Fall 2010 semester, Interns will participate in guided discussions utilizing:

Facing You, Facing Me: Race, Class and Gender Among U.C. Berkely Student Leaders Edited by David Stark and Jerlena D. Griffin.

Each session will focus on a selected ethnic group and will include the following:

  • Interns will discuss various stereotypes and myths associated with each group;
  • Refreshments will reflect the group being covered;
  • Interns will be responsible for meeting and dialoguing with at least one person on/off campus from that group;
  • As a group, interns will visit a hang-out that is representative of that group (ie, we may visit Club Connections together during the discussion of LGBT issues);
  • Interns will be responsible for creating an artistic expression/piece (ie, a non-verbal skit, drawing, etc.);
  • Reflective writing piece.

During the Spring 2011 semester, Interns will participate in a series of workshops:

  • Learning Structural Oppression conducted by Dr. David Owen.
  • TBA...

Interns will also visit a prison during the 2011 semester and will follow up with a major project of creating a database of employers who hire convicted felons.  Stay tuned for additional information...

Upcoming Events

10/12:Interns will spend an entire day at Iroquois High School working with 10th grade English classes.  Interns will share their college experiences and information on majors, as well as conduct several diversity activities with approximately five classes.
12/4 or 12/11Interns will present at the Saturday Academy