Inclusion and Equity Interns

The Inclusion and Equity Internship (IEI) Program is designed to expose a team of students to the scholarship and best practices concerning greater inclusiveness and equity, with the purpose of cultivating social justice leadership skills among college students. Interns attend and participate in a series of workshops and guided training to provide a common foundation that will enhance the undergraduate student co-curricular programming experience. Bi-weekly structured dialogues are designed to share experiences and provide opportunities for reflection, personal growth, and action. Interns are also responsible for conceiving, planning and executing at least one reflective diversity event or project on campus during the course of their internship.

Upon completion of this program, interns will be equipped to demonstrate well-cultivated critical thinking skills concerning inclusive and equitable practices. Such skills can be applied to educational, as well as life settings.

Each year, this program will select approximately 10 interns through an application process. For additional information about the Inclusion and Equity Intern Program, please contact Marian R. Vasser at 852-2252 or