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Photo of Dean Hudson Ideas to Action is a University-wide program designed to develop the critical thinking skills of our undergraduate students and to give them experience applying these skills to an authentic question or problem, thus serving the local or larger community.  As the largest undergraduate unit, A&S is very involved in this initiative, which is designed to give students a thorough grounding in college-level critical thinking skills throughout the General Education program, to foster a progressive development of those skills throughout the major, and to offer students nearing graduation a Culminating Experience (for example, research project, internship, capstone course, service learning project) that gives them an opportunity to apply what they have learned throughout their curricula. 

This initiative will support our commitment to offer a high quality educational experience, to engage and retain our students, and to prepare them to live and work in a diverse community. 

This website is designed to provide help to departments and to individual faculty members as they begin implementing Ideas to Action.  The FAQ tab provides more information.  The Resources tab gives examples from colleagues who have begun to take Ideas to Action into their classrooms.  The Timeline tab describes what we are asking departments to do in AY 2009-2010 to pilot different parts of the program, and it includes a link to the application for funds to support these pilot projects.  If you have questions, the Contact tab will put you in touch with the A&S faculty members who serve on the University Ideas to Action Task Group. 


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