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Film and Digital Media Studies Minor

Over the past hundred years and more, film has become one of the most vital and most popular of all art forms.  It has also become a major industry, producing one of the U.S.A.’s largest exports.  Finally, it has become one of the crucial shapers of culture and even of individual identities across much of the world. 


More recently, television and other screened media have exploded in importance, not only as forms of entertainment but as vital means of communication and as integral parts of the fabric of everyday existence.


The Film and Digital Studies Media Minor offers students an opportunity to explore these phenomena across disciplines including many areas of the Humanities along with History, Political Science, Communication, Pan-African Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies.  Students who complete the minor should have a better understanding not only of film and other media, and of how to “read” and interpret a wide range of visual texts, but of how the world works and how life is lived in the twenty-first century.


For more information about this minor, contact Dr. Tom Byers, Director, Film and Digital Media Studies Minor, or Tracy Heightchew, Program Coordinator.


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