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In Memorium: Prof. Marta Cecilia Yappert (10/9/55 - 8/13/20)

Prof. Marta Cecilia Yappert (Chemistry) passed away on Thursday, August 13, 2020. Over the course of her 33 years at the University of Louisville, she met her true love, Donald, and conducted analytical chemistry research on the molecular structures of the eye and various biological materials (e.g., resins, plants, and nanoparticles) using spectroscopy techniques. She made research fun, mentored young scientists, and emboldened women to pursue the sciences. She led multiple exchange programs for chemistry students at the University of Louisville, Argentina, and Western Kentucky.

Family and friends will celebrate her life on Friday, October 9, 2020, at the Cathedral of the Assumption at 12 PM, followed by a burial at Cave Hill Cemetery at 1:30 PM. Visitation will begin before Mass at 10:30 AM.

Free Adobe Creative Cloud access

With the new UofL Enterprise License for Adobe Creative Cloud, any UofL student, faculty, or staff member can now access the Adobe Creative Cloud for free. All you need is a current email and password. Visit this site for more information and instructions for signing up.

Flu shots begin Sept 28 at Belknap

Campus Health Services will be providing free flu shots for all faculty, staff, and students starting next week. Shots provided at Belknap from Sept. 28 to Oct. 2. Due to physical distancing requirements, CHS is unable to utilize the traditional flu shot locations this year (such as MITC). You will need to bring your UofL ID and your pre-printed flu shot consent form. It is important that the consent form be completed before arrival.

  • Mon., Sept. 28 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm Belknap: SAC (Student Activities Ctr) W116-117
  • Tue., Sept. 29 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Belknap: SAC (Student Activities Ctr) W116-117
  • Wed., Sept. 30 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Belknap: SAC (Student Activities Ctr) W116-117
  • Thur., Oct. 1 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Belknap: SAC (Student Activities Ctr) W116-117
  • Fri., Oct. 2 9:00 am - 1:00 pm Belknap: SAC (Student Activities Ctr) W116-117

Learning Cafe: Parenting Children with ADHD: Tips and tricks for an NTI world

Wednesday, September 23, 1 PM
Parenting children with ADHD is a challenge under normal circumstances, but children with ADHD face unique challenges adjusting to NTI and other COVID-restrictions. This session will provide some basics on helping children with ADHD succeed and thrive, with a special focus on strategies to help children and parents succeed and maintain sanity during NTI (non-traditional instruction).

Facilitated by Paul J. Rosen, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology
Director, RACER Lab (Research on ADHD and Children's Emotion Regulation)

Register here for this virtual event.

"The Life of Sex Rebel and Lesbian Anne Lister"

October 8th, 2020, 6:30 PM

Prof. Deborah Lutz (English) will deliver this talk as part of the Conrad Caldwell House "Thirsty Thursday" series. What was it like to be a lesbian in early-Victorian Britain? A wealthy woman born in 1791, Anne Lister kept a regular diary with the parts about her sex life with other women written in code. This talk will explore the diaries themselves (and show pictures of them), as well as Lister’s fascinating life as a sexual pioneer. Dressing in a masculine style, she seduced young women, fell in love, and eventually had a serious, long-term “marriage” with her “wife.” Until recently, Lister was known mainly by scholars, but since the HBO series Gentleman Jack was created, she has become something of a posthumous celebrity. 
Register here.


Levinson appointed to KY Eating Disorder Council

Prof. Cheri Levinson (Psychology) was appointed by Governor Andy Beshear to serve on the new Kentucky Eating Disorder Council for a term expiring Sept. 15, 2022. 

New books from Keeley and Stansel

In Reagan's Gun-Toting Nuns, Prof. Theresa Keeley (History) analyzes the role of intra-Catholic conflict within the framework of US foreign policy formulation and execution during the Reagan Administration. She challenges the preponderance of scholarship on the administration that stresses the influence of evangelical Protestants on foreign policy toward Latin America. Especially in the case of US engagement in El Salvador and Nicaragua, Keeley argues, the bitter debate among US and Central American Catholics over the direction of the Catholic Church shaped President Ronald Reagan's foreign policy.

Following his acclaimed debut novel, The Last Cowboys of San Geronimo, the eleven stories of Prof. Ian Stansel’s (English) Glossary for the End of Days explore today’s cultural and political climate with a disarming blend of speculation and realism. Whether faced with tragedy, approaching disaster, or an all-too-familiar uncertainty, Stansel’s protagonists—siblings, lovers, executives, drifters—reveal complex and often startling turns of mind, surprising themselves as well as the reader

Almousily appointed chair of Arab Council of Gifted and Talented committee

Prof. Khaldoun Almousily (Classical and Modern Languages) has been appointed chair of the Curriculum and Instruction Committee for the Arab Council for the Gifted and Talented. He will lead a team of researchers from 23 countries to develop and improve the curriculum in the Middle East and North Africa. Professor Almousily will create opportunities for the worldwide exchange of knowledge, expertise, and teacher trainings.

New book under contract for Strickley

Sister, a novella by Prof. Sarah Strickley (English), is under contract with Summer Camp Publishing and available for pre-order. Watch Prof. Strickley discuss Sister here

Anti-Racism Agenda

UofL recognized as top school for Black students pursuing a criminal justice degree

The University of Louisville provides Black students pursing a criminal justice degree one of the “most enriching educations leading to well-paying jobs,” according to the “2020 College Guide and Rankings” report issued recently from the nonprofit, Washington Monthly.

The report focused on median earnings out of college for those interested in three of the most popular majors for Black students: criminal justice, social work, and sociology. The strength of the program, says Prof. and Dept. Chair Cherie Dawson-Edwards, is the department’s focus on organizational equity evident through course offerings, internships, student engagement opportunities, and advising.


Socially-Responsibly Investing

Open Enrollment begins 10/23 & now’s a great time to consider your investments. UofL offers employees socially-responsible investment options for retirement plans including: 1. Fidelity Select Environment & Alternative Energy Portfolio; and 2. CREF Social Choice - favoring ethically managed companies that are strong environmental stewards committed to higher labor standards. Visit the Sustainability site for more information.

In the News

Pandemic or Syndemic? (Anthropology News, 9/11/20) Authored by Prof. Fabian Crespo (Anthropology). 

Universities Are Partnering With Student Influencers To Boost Their Own Brands (Texas Standard, 9/14/20) Prof. Karen Freberg (Communication) interviewed. 

Spiritual leaders pray and fast for 26 hours in honor of Breonna Taylor’s 26 years (Courier-Journal, 9/15/20) Prof. Dana Seay (Communication) featured. 

King Louis Statue’s Fate Remains TBD, While City Looks Forward On Public Art (WFPL, 9/21/20) Prof. Chris Reitz (Fine Art) interviewed