A&S Planning and Budget Commmittee Minutes April 5 2004

Minutes: A&S Planning and Budget Commmittee

April 5, 2004


Members present: George Barnes, Martin Klotz (Chair), Inessa Levi (ex officio), Carol Mattingly, Regina Roebuck, Christopher Tillquist, Allen Whitt

Members absent: Susan Dewitt

The meeting convened at 1:35 PM.

  1. Professor Nancy Theriot, Chair of the Women's and Gender Studies program, was present to propose a change of unit type from program to department. After much positive discussion concerning the symbolic significance of such a change, the Committee decided to request documentation clarifying any anticipated administrative or budgetary impact accompanying the change in status.
  2. The Committee is in the process of preparing a document that identifies priorities that need to be addressed in order for the College to provide a suitable environment for teaching and research. This document will be submitted to the Dean as an official recommendation of the Committee. Generally, the discussion concerned the current sub-standard state of most teaching facilities, and its impact on perceived and real quality of teaching, as well as, the ability of the College to recruit and retain high-quality undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty. Furthermore, the Committee discussed the overall negative impact of insufficient funds to pay for costs associated with teaching research skills in laboratories and possible mechanisms to correct the current situation.
  3. The next meeting was scheduled for May 3, 2004.
  4. The meeting adjourned at 3 PM.

Submitted by Christopher Tillquist for approval during the next committee meeting.