A&S Planning and Budget Commmittee Minutes Feb 2 2004

Minutes: A&S Planning and Budget Commmittee

February 2, 2004

Members present: George Barnes, Martin Klotz (chair), Carol Mattingly, Christopher Tillquist, Allen Whitt, Inessa Levi (ex officio); absent: Susan DeWitt, Regina Roebuck

The meeting convened at 1:33 p.m.

1) Minutes of the January 21, 2004, meeting were adopted with a minor correction and will be posted on the web.

2) Incoming Acting Dean of the College, Blaine Hudson, joined the committee to address the budget situation. He assured the committee of his interest in and consideration of the committee’s activities throughout his tenure as acting dean of the college. He had to defer detailed discussions till more detail becomes available to the college administration from the provost’s office.

3) The committee continued discussion about graduate education in the college; in particular, how it is affected by funded research and assignment of GTA positions. The impact of the new Summer School format on graduate programs was acknowledged. Inessa Levi provided insight about the current assignment of GTA positions throughout the college and pointed to other opportunities of student funding such as University and minority fellowships.

4) The committee also discussed the current space situtation in the college. Inessa Levi reported on the current state of affairs .

5) The committee began to discuss the “instructional budget and planning” issues. It was clear from the initial discussion that the instructional/mentoring mission of the college needs to be addressed; particularly, considering the cost of the tuition vs. how we are currently offering instruction and training to our students in lecture rooms and teaching laboratories. The committee decided to continue this discussion in the following meetings.

5) The next meeting was scheduled for March 1, 2004, at 1:30 PM.

6) The meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m.

Submitted by Martin Klotz for approval during the next committee meeting.