A&S Planning and Budget Commmittee Minutes Nov 18 2002

Minutes: A&S Planning and Budget Commmittee

November 18, 2002


Members present: Ying Kit Chan, Julia Dietrich (ex officio), Stuart Esrock, Martin Klotz, Carol Mattingly, Thomas Riedel (Chair)

The meeting convened at 4:05 PM; minutes from the 11 November meeting were approved.

The committee continued its discussion about how best to maintain quality classes for students while facing budget cuts. Julia Dietrich reported that cuts likely will be larger than at first expected. The immediate concern was to address the need for a $240,000 unexpected additional tightening.

The committee discussed the possibility of covering that amount in a variety of ways:

  • reducing term faculty by decreasing the number of multi-section, lower division classes, prioritizing availability for A & S students.
  • encouraging retirement of some senior faculty across the college (full credit to the College has been promised for this year).
  • seeking salary compensation for A & S faculty committed to University operations outside the college.
  • asking personnel committees to validate (and cut where possible) twelve-month assignments and course release.
  • seeking corporate donations for naming rights. (Julia warned that this could interfere with the Dean's Centennial Capital Campaign).
  • seeking alternatives to the extraordinary charges of IT.

The committee agreed to meet again on Monday, 25 November at 4:00 PM. The meeting adjourned at 5:05 PM.