A&S Planning and Budget Commmittee Minutes Sept 29 1999

Minutes: A & S Planning and Budget Committee

September 29, 1999


Members present: Bruce Adams, George Barnes, Steve Edgell, Bob Kimball, Pam Takayoshi, Wiley Williams, and Shirley Willihnganz

Minutes from September 15, 1999 approved.

Dean Willihnganz would like a recommendation from this committee on where to find the 1% for salaries. Committee to get copies of A & S Budget, look at where we're spending money, what we're spending it on, then think about where we might be able to reallocate funds. The decision will come from Shirley but she wants recommendations from this committee.

Steve Edgell suggests that there are at least three ways to come up with the money:

  1. New Sources of income (for example, student fees)
  2. Extra money in certain areas (for example, open lines)
  3. Reallocation (for example find places where we've stopped doing what we're doing and use that money)

Dean Willihnganz's response:

  1. Provost has appointed committee to look at student fees. College cannot re-institute fees on its own.
  2. All the money recouped from senior retirements with junior hires is going into tech fund per an agreement between Randy Moore and the Provost last year. There's $175,000, College is trying to get it to $250,000. We've spent $600,00 this year on technology. Department S & E budgets are very low across the College; there's not much room for reallocation. Lecture lump sum may be place for ability to do some things. Depending on what happens with Gen Ed, some lecture lump sum money could be freed up. Gen Ed is not being driven by any of these budgetary concerns, but the fall out might be one, which benefits the budget concerns we've been discussing. Faculty might need to be flexible and creative in combining courses and disciplines as a way of coming up with the 1%. Means changes for the faculty.
  3. Dean Willihnganz suggests that some curriculum reform might be a way to get at some money. For example, classes that meet with 10 students every semester may need to be rescheduled - meet once every year rather than every semester, for example. Cutting faculty lines in not an option - we're too strapped for faculty.

If we come up with a plan now, when the new Dean comes in, will the plan be moot? Someone will be named by Christmas - start July 1. For a whole lot of reasons, this needs to be done before the new Dean comes in. This committee has other work to do, as this is a major planning year. Money can be moved around - so if we make decisions the money can be moved from somewhere else.

For next meeting, committee members to read through the A & S Budget, looking for other places where we might come up with money. Form a tentative plan. Dean Willihnganz will get copies of the budget to committee members as soon as she can.

Next meeting set for September 13th from 2-3.