A&S Planning and Budget Commmittee Minutes Sept 1 1999

Minutes: A & S Planning and Budget Committee

September 1, 1999


Members Present: Bruce Adams, George Barnes, Julia Dietrich, Steve Edgell, Bob Kimball, Pam Takayoshi, Wiley Williams, Shirley Willihnganz.

Meeting called to order at 2:00.

  • Changes (editorial) made to last meeting's minutes.
  • Dean Willihnganz brings committee up to date on technology purchases in the college. 50,000 left in last year's technology budget. College has made upgrades necessary to meet Y2K compliance (workstations). George Barnes asks about surcharge of $200/computer to IT for installing computers? Dean Willihnganz will look into that figure.
  • Dean Willihnganz passes out handout on Fiscal Year 99/00. Balance in third column is not allocated specifically to anything, although that full amount is not available. This committee needs to decide what to do with the discretionary part of that money. Dean Willihnganz suggests one place might be travel. This is something that faculty really want.
  • Research budget = 60,000. If committee wants to say we should increase that, we can recommend that (some of it is discretionary).
  • On available source of dollars, technology figure does not include 110,000. This committee to recommend where that 110,000 should be spent. We may want to plan ahead for the next five years. After retirement deals are settled, the $110,000 figure should be up to $170,000. The College is building CAR fund for technology by using extra money from retirements (for example a professor retires at $60,000 replacement is hired at $30,000 extra $30,000 goes into technology CAR fund).
  • This committee needs to find money in the budget to fund Tier One people. While finding money for one time funding is possible, the problem is finding money to fund them continuously. The College has one Tier One person (Darren Hill), but Dave Baugh recommends that the College needs at least eight. Dean Willihnganz believes we can start with four. The Tier One people for the College would not be tied to any specific department but would work out of the Dean's office, with primary assignments to specific departments. Some departments are paying for Tier One people through their S & E budgets, but these budgets vary greatly department to department, so something needs to be done at the College level. Pay scale for Tier One people $22,000 - 25,000 base salary plus benefits.
  • Dean Willihnganz talked about the reception of last year's report and recommended textual changes, largely to change the tone of the report. Dean Willihnganz thought that where the report described a breakdown between the College Plan and what was funded in the University Plan, the report read as an indictment of the upper administration, when in fact the College Plan was put up without the expectation of every item being funded. This committee needs to priortize this year's plan.
  • Dean Willihnganz tells the committee that we can recommend the 1% discretionary money be used in different ways than it has been in the past. We can recommend putting the money back into the general pool, which may mean rewriting the Merit System. We can do this revision ourselves or recommend that an ad hoc committee be formed to do this with the P & B Committee's input.
  • Overall, Dean Willihnganz says we are in good shape in terms of a starting number to work with in the budget compared with other years. Almost all of our budget is one time dollars.
  • Meeting adjourned at 3:20.