A&S Planning and Budget Commmittee Minutes Dec 10 1998

Art's & Sciences Planning and Budget CommitteeMinutes of 12/10/98 Meeting

    Members attending:
  • George Barnes
  • Julia Dietrich (ex officio)
  • Stephen Edgell
  • Robert Kimball
  • Nathan Schwartz (Chair)
  • Wiley Williams

The minutes of November 19, 1998 were approved.

The next meeting was set for Thursday, January 14, at 2:30 in a place to be announced.

Nathan Schwartz reported on the meeting he and Steve Edgell had on December 8 with Mary Korfhage, Assistant Director of Planning, from the Office of Planning and Budget. Two issues were discussed: Salary comparisons (within the University between A&S; and the other units relative to norms, between ranks in A&S; relative to norms, and between A&S; here and other universities) and base budget comparisons (between A&S; here and at other universities) .

The University participates in two national salary surveys, Oklahoma State Survey and CUPA. However, the 97 reports from them will not be out until around March. The Office of Planning and Budget is just finishing a major study of salaries by departments and ranks here against other universities, including our benchmark schools. This will be published in early January. The last such study was in 95/96, so it is best to wait for the new one. Also, the University currently has a committee, chaired by Dennis Hall, that is studying compensation issues here at the University. Dennis reports that his committee should have a report before the semester break.

Mary volunteered to search for what budgets we have from other state universities. She suspects that we have most of them or can easily get them.

Two subcommittees were formed: Robert and Nathan volunteered to serve on one to study the relative budget issue. Stephen, Wiley, and George volunteered to serve on one to study the salary issues.

Nathan also volunteered to begin to draft the report the Committee must submit to the faculty.

That concluding the business, the Committee adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Steve Edgell

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