A&S Planning and Budget Commmittee Minutes Oct 29 1998

Art's & Sciences Planning and Budget CommitteeMinutes of 10/29/98 Meeting

    Members attending:
  • George Barnes
  • Julia Dietrich (ex officio)
  • Stephen Edgell
  • Robert Kimball
  • Nathan Schwartz (Chair)
  • Wiley Williams

The minutes of October 8, 1998 were approved with one addition.

The Committee Chair reported on his meeting with the Dean. They discussed details for obtaining information needed in the Committee's comparative study of resources, including faculty salaries, allocated to Colleges of Arts and Sciences across the Commonwealth. The Chair is ready to proceed with collecting data, and this will begin immediately. Several members of the Committee volunteered to assist in this effort.

The Committee then turned to a general discussion of the report it must prepare for the College's faculty. The general format and outline of the report was discussed. The Chair will produce a sketch of the report, and through contact with the Dean's staff will obtain some of the required numerical information. This sketch will be sent to the Committee for detailed consideration at our next meeting. The Committee also will be sent copies of the current College plan and priorities documents to use in preparing this report.

The Dean was to report on why there was a reduction in travel and research budget lines this year. He will be reminded of this.

The Committee will meet next on Thursday, November 19, at 2:30 in a place to be announced.

The meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Steve Edgell

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