A&S Planning and Budget Commmittee Minutes Sept 24 1997



SEPTEMBER 24, 1997


Attending: J. Steffen (Chair), G. Brown (Staff Representative), J. Garcia-Varela, J. McCabe (Dean's Office), R. Miller, N. Schwartz, L. S. Weissbach, W. Williams.

The Committee discussed the importance of meeting with the Dean to discuss the Committee's role. Professor Steffen suggested that in our meeting with the Dean that we might want to revisit the Priorities for Action and ask how the Priorities for Action would likely impact the College, as well as our place in the Challenge for Excellence..

Professors Miller and Garcia-Varela raised concerns about how proposals to increase the proportion of full-time faculty teaching underclassmen might hurt the quality of graduate education at the university.

Prof. Weissbach raised the question of the Committee's formal role according to College governance documents. He pointed out that according to College rules, the Committee is supposed to present the faculty with a report on the College's operating budget. Following was a discussion about the relation of the formal duties of the Committee to the new budgeting and planning processes of the university.

Prof. Steffen ended the meeting by requesting that members of the Committee send him questions that should be put to the Dean.

Minutes submitted by

N. Schwartz