Faculty Assembly Minutes December 4, 2009

College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Assembly

December 4, 2009

Registering Attendance:

AnthropologyA. Harris
ChemistryR. Buchanan
Classical & Modern LangR. Buchanan, W. Cunningham, M. Dalle, G. Hutcheson, A. Leidner, M. Makris, A. Mastri, W. Pfeffer, R. Roebuck, L. Wagner, L. Zeng
Communication     J. Ferre
EnglishM. Biberman, T. Byers, K. Chandler, G. Cross, J. Dietrich, D. Hall, B. Horner, K. Kopelson, B. Leung, S. Ryan, J. Skinner, T. Stewart, B. Willey, B. Williams, J. Wolfe, T. Yohannes
Geography/GeosciencesC. Hanchette, C. Leuthart, K. Mountain, W. Song
HistoryA. Allen, A. Crothers, B. Harrison, D. Krebs, Y. Ma, E. McInnis
HumanitiesA. Allen, E. Patton, P. Pranke, E. Wise
MathematicsM. Bradley, L. Gibson
Pan-African StudiesT. Rajack-Talley
PhilosophyA. Kolers
PhysicsT. Dowling
Political ScienceJ. Gainous, S. Hua, A. Martens, R. Payne
SociologyA. Furr
Women’s & Gender StudiesK. Christopher, C. Fosl, D. Heinecken, K. Story, N. Theriot
S.G.A. Representative S. Graudick

Professor Byers, Chair, called the Assembly to order.

The minutes of the meeting of April 17, 2009, were approved as distributed, with the clarification that Professor Byers will serve as Chair of the Assembly through January 2010, after which Professor Hall will serve as Chair for the remainder of the semester.

Professor Rhonda Buchanan moved approval of the graduates of August 2009 and the candidates for graduation for December 2009, pending successful completion of all requirements.  The motion was seconded by Professor Cunningham. The motion carried unanimously.

The Chair opened discussion of the document on “Evaluation of Endowed Professors” which came to the Assembly moved and seconded by the Personnel Committee.    Discussion included Professors Kolers and Ferre’. 

Hearing no call for further discussion, the Chair put the question and the motion to approve carried.

Professor Byers introduced Skylar Graudick, a political science major, who represents the Arts and Sciences Student Council on the Assembly this year. 

There being no further business, it was moved and seconded to adjourn.