A&S Graduate policy temporary changes

March 23, 2020 - Associate Dean for Graduate Education

Dear Chairs, DGSs, and Graduate Staff:

Please be aware of the following A&S Graduate Education policy changes due to the current Coronavirus pandemic:

1.  Effective immediately, all thesis and dissertation defenses for A&S graduate students for spring graduation must take place online using remote collaborative tools (e.g. Microsoft Teams or Zoom).  Requests for exceptions must be made to the A&S Associate Dean for Graduate Education, David Brown, at asgrad@louisville.edu.

2.  Due to cancellation of GRE exams, departments whose programs normally require the GRE for admission will be allowed to admit students without the GRE for study beginning in summer or fall 2020.  Those students will be admitted in good standing provided that all other admission requirements are met.  If your department's graduate program requires the GRE and you would like to offer admission and/or assistantship to a student affected by the cancellation of the GRE, please send a note to this effect to gradadm@louisville.edu copied to asgrad@louisville.edu.

3.  Forms for graduate students can be found on the A&S Graduate Education site under the Student Resources tab or the Faculty Resources tab.  Forms should be completed electronically and circulated via email to all signatories before being forwarded for final approval to the A&S Associate Dean for Graduate Education at asgrad@louisville.edu.  The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is the preferred tool for filling out forms. 

Please share this information with faculty who may be affected.  Thank you for your assistance in making the online transition work!

Note that items 1 and 2 are expected to be temporary measures.  Item 3 is temporary as a requirement, but is the generally recommended way to handle forms even in the most placid of times.

Thanks again.

Best Regards,

Dave B