Our commitment to our students

August 12, 2020 - President

Welcome back! Whether you are a new Freshman or transfer student, or a senior or graduate student in your final year, we are so excited that you’ve returned to UofL for another semester of learning and growing. You have faced so many changes in the past five months as we have continued to grapple with the realities of a global pandemic and the epidemic of racial inequity. At UofL, we hope the changes we have made to how we do business in the current environment will empower each of our students to make the decisions that best position them for personal and academic success.

Our Pivot to Fall committees – made up of students, staff and faculty – have been working very hard throughout the summer to guide our safe return to campus. We want to remind you of the options available to you as it relates to online and hybrid learning this semester. The most important thing to know and remember is that you have options. To that end, and to help you better navigate the semester ahead, here are a few reminders and guideposts.

  1. You may take all online courses this semester.
    • While not every course will be available in an online only delivery, you can choose a course schedule that includes only 100% online courses.
    • Hybrid courses, which consist of both in-person and online components, are also an option. Your professor and your class syllabus can give you more clarity on how much of the course will be delivered in-person versus online.
  2. You may request online-only delivery in your hybrid courses.
    • If you are enrolled in a hybrid course and your situation changes such that you wish to take the class in an online-only delivery, you should contact your professor to make that request.
    • Each professor will evaluate the individual request and decide whether they can approve the request or not. If your request is denied, there are helpful academic leaders in each school that can help you think through other options.
  3. We will encourage all faculty members to accommodate student requests.
    • There are many schools in which faculty have already committed to making this an option for students that need it.
    • Please note, however, that each faculty member will make that decision based on the content of the course and the pedagogical objectives. For example, some courses may require labs or other experiential learnings that are not conducive to online delivery.
  4. Your Student Government Association (SGA) can help you navigate these requests.
    • If you need help thinking through how to ask your professor to consider online delivery in a hybrid course, SGA can provide you with a template email.
    • If your faculty member is not able to approve your request, SGA can direct you to someone in each school that can help you think through your options.
    • Please contact general@uoflsga.org for more information. 

Being a community of care requires that we each do our part to take care of one another. That is more important now than ever before. Please remember that you must wear masks, maintain physical distance and practice good hygiene for the safety of your fellow Cardinal students, faculty and staff. Please also be sure to visit the UofL COVID19 webpage for updates.

Your college education equips you with the critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills that will position you to be leaders in dealing with the current crises and whatever else you may face in the future. Again, remember that you have options and we have an amazing team committed to ensuring that you experience UofL as a truly great place to learn this semester. We wish you well as you continue your academic pursuits this semester.

Go Cards!

Neeli Bendapudi

Sabrina Collins
Student Body President

Krista Wallace-Boaz
Chair, Faculty Senate

John Smith
Chair, Staff Senate