Hall of Honor Nomination Form

The College of Arts and Sciences Hall of Honor recognizes the A&S alumni, students, faculty, administrators, staff and other supporters who made the most significant and lasting contributions to the College, the University, the local community and the larger society since the establishment of the College in 1907.

Nominees for the Hall of Honor may include:

  1. A&S alumni/ae who exemplify or exemplified the liberal arts tradition of knowledge in service to the local community or the larger society.
  2. A&S faculty, staff, administrators or other special supporters who contributed to the establishment and later development of the College.
  3. Faculty, staff, administrators and alumni/ae who were affiliated with Louisville Municipal College (1931-1951), the Department of Music (before 1937) or the Department of Education (before 1967) who meet the criteria stated for #1 and #2 above.
  4. Others not included in #1, #2 or #3 above whose significant contributions can be documented.
Nominee Information
Please please as thorough as you can when providing us information about your nominee for the Hall of Honor.
Relationship to the College  Check all that apply. Add position, and/or degree AND years of service and/or in attendance in the text box following.
Nominator Information

Nomination materials will be reviewed by the Hall of Honor Committee.

If you have additional materials that you would like to include but cannot email them, you may fax them to 502-852-6888 (ATTN HOH Committee) or mail them to

A&S Dean's Office
ATTN HOH Committee
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY  40292

The Committee will then make its recommendation to the Dean, who will make the final selection of inductees for each year.  Due to the nature of the award, the nominee does not need to be alive to receive the award.