2012 Study Abroad Photo Contest

2011 Study Abroad Photo Contest


And the winners are:

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1st place


 #8 "Sunset in Nafplio"
Morgan Blair
Philosophy, English, Humanities majors

2nd place 

#2 "Bride in Le Marais
Allison Whitehouse
French major

3rd place

  #1 "Hagia Sophia"
Aida Siljkovic
Political Science major
 Study Abroad Entries  2011 - 2012

# 1
# 2
 Hagia Sophia
Istanbul, Turkey
 Bride in Le Marais
     Paris, France
# 3
# 4
 "Paris in Motion"
  Paris, France
 Vatican taken from Castel Sant'Angelo
Rome, Italy
# 5
# 6
 Resisting Arrest, Strategy 31
Triumphal Square, Moscow
On the 31st of every month with 31 days protesters and supporters of the 'Strategy 31' initiative (a movement advocating that the government should not repress the freedom of assembly as guaranteed by the 31st amendment of the Russian constitution) gather at Triumphal Square to exercise their right of assembly. Until recently, such events resulted in arrest and detention of the activists (as depicted in my photo).

Sahara Desert"
Morocco, Africa

While staying with some Barbary locals in the desert this was a well we encountered on our camel riding tour of the sand dunes.
# 7
# 8
 A view of the Roman aqueduct at night
                  Montpellier, France

 Sunset in Nafplio
Nafplio, Greece
Taken from a dock at the seaport of Nafplio during my first night in Greece.
# 9
# 10
 The Beautiful People in Poverty
Managua, Nicaragua
These children and their families live in a farmers cooperative in the mountains. Hard workers, they define poverty as not being able to survive for 2 years on what they already have (i.e. crops, shared resources). 
 Boats at the harbor on the Island of Assos
Assos, Turkey
# 11
# 12
Paris, France
This picture was taken during an excursion to the D-Day cemetery in Normandy. Considering the plight of the Jewish people in Europe during WWII, I felt this shot was an image I had to preserve.
Chateau Chambord
Chambord, Loir-et-Cher
 The royal palace built by King François I between 1519-1547
 # 13
 # 14
 13.jpg 14.JPG
 Grand Canal taken from Rialto Bridge
 Venice Italy

 York Minster from the path to the Shambles
York, Northern England
The photo shows York Minster, one of the most famous and picturesque houses of worship in all of England, from the path leading to the Shambles.
 # 15
 15.JPG 16.JPG
 A view of the city of Rome
Rome, Italy
From the highest vantage point, the top of the cupola of the dome of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.

 A street in centre-ville
Montpellier, France

 #17 #18
 "Discovering Appian Beauty"
Rome, Italy
This was merely one of the numerous ruins which we encountered on our stroll along Rome's most famous promenade.

 Early Birds get the Fish
Managua, Nicaragua
After sleeping on the floor of a cargo boat as we made our way across the ocean overnight the waters finally calmed when we entered a tributary. I climbed up into one of the hammocks strung across the boat and awoke two hours later when we docked. My eyes opened to these fishermen casting their nets for fish with powerful sweeping motions that spun the nets around their bodies and then splayed them over the water.

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