Learning Communities

students outside in quad in groups

What is a Learning Community?

Learning Communities (LC) are student cohorts that share a common major or interest. During the Fall semester, cohorts take a common set of courses together. Students are co-enrolled in a first year seminar, GEN 101 A&S Orientation, and one to three additional courses. The additional courses vary by community and complete major or general education requirements that will apply to any major.

LCs provide students with an opportunity to network with other students, a peer advisor, an academic advisor, and faculty members. LCs are open to students living on campus and commuter students seeking a larger connection to campus. There is no additional cost to participate. LC options are:

Exploring Criminal Justice
Students in this LC will be introduced to the field of Criminal Justice.

This community is for anyone who is interested in learning more about diversity, Women and Gender Studies and LGBTQ populations.

The Pre-Health LC is a great for any student interested in a career as a Doctor, Dentist, or Pharmacist.

What is a Living Learning Community?

A living learning community is a type of LC. Living Learning Communities (LLCs) have all the benefits of an LC described above, but participants also live together on campus. Students will have opportunities to connect classroom experiences with residential life and programming in the residence hall. There is no additional cost to participate. LLC options are:

Porter Scholars
This community is available to students that have been awarded the Woodford R. Porter Scholarship. Students will connect with other Porter Scholars and learning more details about maintaining their scholarship through graduation.

Service Learning
A great LLC for students that would like to participate in service projects that will support the community and provide students with an opportunity to develop leadership skills.

Why should you consider joining a LC?

LCs are a great way to:

  • Learn more about your major or area of interest.
  • Build a convenient class schedule.
  • Receive valuable guidance and support from GEN 101 instructor and peer advisor.
  • Ease the transition from high school to university life and culture.
  • Build friendships and form study groups quickly while learning together.
  • Increase opportunity for academic success.

How do I join?

Students must be an admitted first-year student in the College of Arts & Sciences. To join, complete the following action items depending on the type of LC you would like to join:

To join an Learning CommunityTo join an Living Learning Community

1. Complete the A&S LC Application Form.1. Complete the housing application, and pay the $100 housing application fee.
2. After receiving email confirmation of LC acceptance, register for LC classes at orientation.2. Submit the LLC application.
3. After receiving email confirmation of LLC acceptance, register for LLC classes at orientation.


Learning communities provide a fun way to learn, make close friends, network with faculty and staff, and get connected on campus in various programs and opportunities on campus and in the community.

There is no cost to join a learning community.

No, learning communities try to connect students to other students by taking courses together.

If you would like to join one of our living learning communities, apply here.

If you would like to join one of our course cluster LCS, apply here.

If you have not registered for Orientation, please do so here.

Yes! There may still be space available in some learning communities. Apply today and mention to your academic advisor at Orientation that you are interested in joining a learning community.

In some instances, activities may be connected with in-class coursework. Other opportunities are optional but highly encouraged because they will help students meet people on campus, be more successful in classes, and more aware of happenings on campus.

No! Participating in a learning community will enhance your experience and help you connect with opportunities, faculty and staff, and resources making a big school feel a bit more manageable. The faculty, staff and upper-class students connected to learning communities are interested in your academic and social success. They can help you learn how to make the most of your time in college, starting with your first semester!

Students participating in a living learning community report having a community and sense of belonging. Students in LLCs have all the same freedoms of other students living in the residence hall.

No, unfortunately due to high number of applicants, students will need to live with someone within their respective learning community, unless the roommate also applies to be in the LLC.

Unfortunately, students that apply to multiple LCs with connected courses will only be admitted into one. Students may participate in a themed LC (that does not have connected courses) and a LC with connected courses but no residential component.