ESSENCE Frequently Asked Questions

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Attendance during the summer session is required to participate in the program throughout the year. Excessive absences will be handled through consultation with the participant and the parent.



Transportation is the responsibility of the participant. In some cases, there have been opportunities for carpools, but this is not guaranteed. This is not a residential program, therefore participants will need someone to drop them off and pick them up daily.


There is no cost for participation in the program. There is no application or membership fee. The only cost participants may incur is that related to transportation or food during activities and field trips as well as any souvenirs that they wish to purchase.



Attire should be casual for the everyday sessions. On those occasions that activity will require something more, administrators will be sure to note it in the calendar and send a reminder home with the participant of the expectation.


Parent Program:

Will be updated soon

Contact Persons:

Dr. Tomarra Adams at 502-852-3077, or Ms. Alexis Keen at ankeen02