ESSENCE Big Sister Application Online

Big Sister Application

The E.S.S.E.N.C.E Program

(Encouraging Sisters to Strive for Each New Chance for Excellence)


The mission of The E.S.S.E.N.C.E Program is to provide an avenue for young ladies after school in an effort to motivate and involved through different classes, speakers, and workshops as well as promote and perform community service activities throughout the metropolitan area.




  • Currently enrolled at the University of Louisville
  • Must attend the Big Sister orientation
  • Must attend Little Sister Induction Ceremony June 27, 2014 @ 11:30-1:00pm
  • Must attend 2014 Little Sister Closing Ceremony on April 13, 2014 from 3:30pm-7pm
  • Must be able to demonstrate leadership skills
  • Must possess high ethical and moral standards
  • Must have the ability to act as a role model for young women
  • Highly encouraged to begin the mentoring process during the 2014 summer (connecting with Little Sisters)



  • Attend E.S.S.E.N.C.E events regularly which includes closing ceremonies, retreat, workshops, community service outreach, and meetings
  • Document number of contacts with your little sisters
  • Have one-on-one outreach with little sisters and conduct follow-up e-mails/telephone calls with Little Sisters
  • Assist little sisters with strategies for college preparation and personal development

All applications are due by 12pm on March 28, 2014.  Karla Morton should receive the following:

‘                                           Completed application with Personal Statement

‘                                           One (1) recommendation from faculty, staff, or community service agent (No friends or relatives permitted)

For more information, contact Karla Morton at 852-3123 or or

Shantia Gully at

Personal Statement: Why do you want to participate in the E.S.S.E.N.C.E. program? What skills, abilities, and experiences do you possess that would make you effective in working with African American high school girls? Who influenced your personal and academic development, and how did this impact your life? And how do you hope to benefit from being a Big Sister?
Address where you would like to receive ESSENCE Correspondence
Best number to reach you with area code
please place alternate email address if you have one other than Cardmail account. If you don't put N/A
Your current age at the time of application
What will your status be as of the upcoming Fall Semester?

Please include your major and minor (If any)
Enter the number of hours that you plan to enroll in for the Fall semester
Enter what school you are enrolled in. ie Business School, Nursing, Education, etc
What is your GPA as of your past semester? You can pull that up on your unofficial transcript through Ulink.
Please enter your most recent Employer. If you have never been employed, please put N/A and move to the final question.
Please enter address, phone number, and supervisor's name
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Please list what you had to do in this position
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Please list any activities that you are actively involved in.

I certify that my application for employment is true and complete. I understand that, if employed, any false or omitted statements on this application shall be cause for immediate dismissal. If employed by the The E.S.S.E.N.C.E Program, I understand that THE E.S.S.E.N.C.E PROGRAM or I may terminate services at any time. The Program is authorized to make any investigation of character references, academic status, and previous employment records.