C.O.N.E.C.T. Peer Mentoring Program

Caring Of New students Experiencing College Transitions

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The Purpose of C.O.N.E.C.T. is to provide student support through peer advising for the encouragement of positive academic and social interactions, and promote a unified community among Black students which work to impact on Black student retention as well as encourage high academic standards, enhance leadership development, and perpetuate academic and social success to achieve graduation.

C.O.N.E.C.T. Biographies


  • One-on-One Peer Mentoring
  • Monthly Programs & Workshops
  • A Sistah's Voice
  • African American Recognition Reception (AARR)
  • Making the Connection (Freshman Orientation)
  • Keeping the Connection (Welcome Weekend)


CONECT Mentors

    • Mycala Baker
    • Ieisha Dale
    • Emerald Dunn
    • Austin S. Ferrell
    • Sydni Gordon
    • Tia Harper
    • Mashayla Hays
    • Taaj Hill
    • Alyssa Jones
    • Endia Moore
    • Cameron Murphy
    • Ja Cory Mullins
    • Devyn Nance
    • Ashley O'Neil
    • Taylor “TK” Robinson
    • Mercedes Samuels
    • George Scott, III
    • Nikeya Smith
    • Kayla Ward


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