A.C.E.S. KY Call for Proposal

A.C.E.S. KY: Black & Latino Student Symposium “Promoting the Academic and Cultural Engagement of Students through Socially Just Means”

75 Minute Concurrent Sessions are sought to:
Present current practice models and/or empirical research related to the satisfaction, persistence, experience, or graduation of undergraduate Black & Latino students within higher education in order to create more inclusive environments, programs, and curriculum that expand opportunities for student success and development, strategies for further research, practical program/service applications, and constructive dialog/interaction.

Proposals should address one of the four major tracks of the symposium on student persistence, satisfaction, and/or graduation within or outside of the classroom:

Academic: What support programs, teaching or training strategies, and research have enhanced student performance?
Cultural: What is the impact of culture, cultural identity and/or a culturally-relevant curriculum?
Engagement: What initiative(s) has been created to promote a sense of commitment by students?
Social Justice: What initiatives and/or research target issues related to social justice?

If you have more than one presenter, please separate with semi-colon.
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Proposals due January 9, 2015