FAQ's Adult Student Services

How do I get (re)admitted to the University?

A new student must apply to the University for admission.  Any student who has been out of the University of Louisville for two or more years must reapply.  Call our Admissions office at (502)852-6531 and ask for an Admissions Representative, or you may look on the Admissions website.

When can I sign up for classes, and where?

Once students are admitted and advised, they can register for classes online during their appointed alphabetic rotation period.  You may check registration information on the Registrars website under Registration Info, or you can call the Registrars office or the Center for Advising and Student Services with questions about appointed times to register.

New and returning students must meet with an academic advisor before they are able to schedule classes.  Students admitted to the College of Arts and Sciences may meet with an academic counselor in the Center for Advising and Student Services, on the first floor of Gardiner Hall.  Please call (502) 852-5502 to make an appointment. 

Do I have to meet with an advisor before I can schedule my classes for the coming semester?

All newly admitted students to the College of Arts and Sciences are required to meet with an academic advisor before scheduling classes.

Advising is required for all students with fewer than 24 hours earned, students with 45 or more hours earned and no approved major, and students on conditional status.

You should be advised by your faculty advisor if you have one of the following majors: Theatre Arts, Mathematics, Philosophy, or English majors (Spring semester courses only). There may be programmatic changes to discuss, as well as other topics relative to individual students and their situations.


What do I do if I have to add a class after the deadline?

The College of Arts and Sciences requires students to file a petition with the Admissions and Appeals Committee to be enrolled in a class after the last day to add classes.  The last day to add classes is usually the end of the first week of class (unless deadline exceptions are being made).

Who should I talk with if I need to file academic bankruptcy?

Students wishing to discuss academic bankruptcy should call (502) 852-5502 or come into the Center for Advising and Student Services.  Please ask for the advisor on-call, or a counselor who can answer your questions and explain the procedure. 

Where should I go if I need help using the computer?

The REACH Center in Strickler Hall provides help with computer usage and also offers tutoring in many classes.  They can be reached at (502) 852-6706, or you can visit their website.

Where can I get help with writing?

The Writing Center, located on the third floor of Ekstrom Library, provides excellent help with writing issues.  For our distance education students, the Writing Center also provides a Virtual Writing Center. See the Writing Centers website for more information.

Where can I get help with tutoring?

Contact the REACH Center in 126 Strickler Hall, at (502) 852-6706 or see the REACH Centers website.

What if I don't want or need the meal plan?

You can fill out the dining services meal plan waiver.

What can I do about turning in forms after business hours?

Many of our forms are online here. Forms that require hard copies to be submitted may be faxed to (502) 852-7230 or mailed to:

Center for Advising and Student Service;

College of Arts and Science

University of Louisville

Louisville, KY  40292.


How do I declare my major?

You can apply for your major from the Arts & Sciences Advising website. Please be sure to review the requirements for your major before filling out the form. If prompted for log-in, enter your U-Link user identification number and password. 

When do I meet with my departmental advisor?

After you have been approved in your major, you should contact your department for an appointment with your departmental advisor.

How will I know when I need to meet with my A & S advisor?

There are several circumstances which require general advising:

  • Return to school after one or more semesters out;
  • Freshmen with fewer than 24 hours earned;
  • Completion of 45 credit hours without declaration of major;
  • On conditional status;
  • Approved Theatre Arts, Mathematics, Philosophy, and English (Spring Semester courses only) majors.
  • Graduation issues

Students should check their U-Link accounts approximately 1-2 weeks before the registration period to see if there are any advising (or other) holds on account.  To check account holds,log into U-Link here, click on the Student Services tab.  The holds on account is in the middle column under the Personal Information section. 

When and how do I obtain a parking pass?

Call the University of Louisville Parking Office at (502) 852-7275, or louisville.edu/parking


When and how do I obtain a student identification card?

Once you are registered for classes for your first semester at U of L, you may have your identification card made at the Cardinal Card Office.  The office is located in the lower level of Houchen Building.  For more information call (502) 852-7250 orsee their website.

Is child care available on campus?

The Early Learning Campus (ELC) is an exemplary pre-school for children of UofL faculty, staff and students, and residents of the Louisville Scholar House. The contact number is (502) 852-3521 and their website is http://louisville.edu/education/elc.  The ELC is located at the corner of 5th and Bloom Streets, (just north of Betty Johnson Hall on Belknap Campus). Hours of operation are 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Who do I call if I have an emergency on campus?

Call the Department of Public Safety at (502) 852-6111.