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Network Program

Are you feeling apprehensive about your first semester at the University of Louisville?  Are you wondering if you will be able to find your classes, the best spots to park on campus, or the right places to go when you need assistance?  The Network Program can help!

This program aims to help newly admitted adult students feel more at ease on campus by connecting them with a more experienced adult student who can answer basic questions regarding the University.  Partners may choose to communicate via email, phone, or meet in person.  The means and frequency of communication are agreed upon by the partners, and those arrangements are left up to the student participants.

Please note: We strive to pair partners who have similar academic interests, but we are not always able to do so, depending on the availability of the volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer as a mentor or are interested in requesting a partner please complete the Network Program Application for online.

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Adult Student Checklist

Here is a checklist which you may print for your convenience.  If you follow the procedures outlined here you will be ready for classes to begin!

  • Complete and mail admissions application
  • Request high school transcript or GED certificate to be mailed to the Admissions Office
  • Request college transcript(s) to be mailed to the Admissions Office
  • Apply for financial aid
  • Request financial aid transcript(s) to be sent to the Financial Aid Office
  • Receive letter of admissions
  • Respond to and accept admissions to the University
  • Register for the Adult Student Orientation
  • Pay fees
  • Schedule advising with the College of Arts and Sciences Center for Advising and Student Services.  While in your advising session, please ask or do the following:

Register for classes on ULINK

Learn how to use BlackBoard and GroupWise email

Ask about the REACH program

Pick up a map of campus

Visit the Adult Student website for the College of Arts and Sciences

Register for the Adult Student listserv

Sign up for the A&S Adult Student Network Program

  • Fill out Adult Student Survey
  • Ready for classes to begin!

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On Campus Housing- UL Housing Department

Off Campus Housing- Urban League Resources

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Day Care Services

Community Coordinated Child Care (4-C)

UL College of Education and Human Development's Early Learning Campus

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Post-Bac Pre-med  Program

The Post-Bac Pre-med Program is for college graduates who are interested in going to medical school to become a physician, but lack the pre-med requirements.  Our program serves as a navigation system for its students to complete the pre-med course work, along with participating in community services, clinical observations, MCAT preparation, and more.  Our office is a one stop shop for post-bac pre-med students.  For more information, please call our office at (502) 852-2712 or visit our website.

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