Three Divisions in Arts & Sciences

The Three Divisions in Arts & Sciences:

Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences.


A&S majors should fall into one of the three divisions of Arts & Sciences.

The advising office also has an exploratory division for those still working with the career center to choose a major.

Please download a copy of the three divisions here (.Doc)

This listing can help you determine what your supporting and programmatic courses should consist of.

Supporting Courses

As a general rule - supporting courses often come from the same division as your major (but not the same subject as your major).

Programmatic Courses

Programmatic courses often come from outside of your division (along with foreign language as well).  You should consult with the catalog and your academic advisor to see if the classes need to be at the 300 level or above, or if there are any exceptions for your program.

Example of Supporting and Programmatic Courses

If you are an Art major (which falls under the Humanities division) then your supporting classes will come from the Humanities division (except for Art and Art History).  Some examples of 300 level supporting courses for an Art major would be:  English 310 WR, TA 324, and Hum 326.  The programmatic courses would be from the social sciences division such as: Psych 201, 363 or Comm 315.